Playing 3D Games on Surface Book 2 is draining battery big time

Microsoft Surface Book 2, which was announced on 17th of October, has been hit by a bug which causes major battery drain when someone tries to play 3D games on that Windows 10 Powered device.

The battery drain is happening because of the Gaming Mode that is inbuilt into the system. When the power mode is set to the “Best performance”, the drain eventually speeds up.  Even worse, the drain was happening even when Surface Book 2 was plugged into the power source. That’s even more ironic. This was confirmed by the folks at Microsoft.

Those who aren’t aware, Game Mode feature in Windows 10 lets you get the best experience if you have a powerful PC. Surface Book 2 is one of the impressive machines which packs in an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 discrete GPU with quad-core Intel Core i7 processor. That said, though it was expected to have the battery drain at a faster rate, with the charger plugged in, it should make sure things are going wrong. But it did.

We will have to wait till Microsoft officially comes with a software solution or a powerful charger, and replace it with their existing customers. It could be a small number, but then its bad for Surface as a brand, especially when 17 hours of battery life was claimed.

via Windows Latest



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