What’s Consuming Battery of Your Windows 10 Laptop? Use PowerCFG to Find Out

When using Laptops, battery is the most important thing that everybody worries about. This is the reason you have power saving mode automatically turned on when it runs on the battery. Today, lets look at an inbuilt took in Windows, PowerCfg, which generates an efficiency report along with warnings and errors to help you understand what is consuming your battery.

Just before you start, the generated report is very heavy, and will need a lot of time for actually analysis. Also this toll has been there since Windows 7.  Follow these steps:

  • Type CMD on your Start Search, and when Command Prompt icon appears, right-click, and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Next type in powercfg /ENERGY to generate report. This will take around 60 seconds or so, and at the end a message from the command prompt will tell you where the report is generated.
  • Copy and paste in the browser and it will open it up. It’s an HTML file so works on any browser.

PowerCFG Battery Testing Tool

The report simply tells you what is causing power drain for your laptop so for best result, make sure to run it when you are on battery. The HTML file is colourful and shows errors and warnings.

Powercfg Energy Report

So for example, if your Laptop does not have Sleep Mode enabled, it will tell you that. Sleep mode is very important because it keeps you away from turning off your laptop every time you want to take a break, and uses a lot less power. As a matter of fact, this tool does support Sleep Report which was introduced Windows 8.1X system last year.

You can use Sleep Study to see which apps and devices are most active during a sleep session. Sleep Study reviews all the sleep sessions longer than 10 minutes and provides you with a report that color codes each session according to its power consumption.  A session is defined as the period from Screen Off to Screen On. In cases when the system is plugged into AC power, the policies are less stringent than when on battery power. While the tool still tracks connected standby activity on AC power, it is more useful to identify unexpected drains on battery, or DC power.

You will also see indication of few settings or drives which have been enabled, not being used and still consuming lot of power. Each Error and Warning will have a percentage next to it which will tell how much impact its making on the battery.

That said, this is definitely a great tool, but it’s not very consumer friendly. You will have to spend time with it to get the real benefit.

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