Project Tripod : Create Time Lapse Scenes without Heavy Equipments on Windows Phone

To all those who love-making videos and taking photos from Nokia’s camera phones, here is a treat for you all. We all know what Time Lapse Video is and if you don’t then here is quick description:

A video shot over a long time which can record each and every moment happening and then played in high-speed to give you beautiful view of how things change.

As an example, capturing a city view right from day to-night where you would see the sunrise, how crowds move along, cars moving really fast and then views after sunset. That’s really cool but the major problem is to grab that kind of video, you not only need heavy equipment but also time and money.

So to all who just got disappointed because you cannot use a Windows Phone camera to do all that, Project Tripod is here to rescue. First launching for Windows Phone, this project plans to convert every WP into a time lapse camera without you standing for hours.

The app will let you track anything, a tree or street, and capture moments which could be after a couple of days or hours or even years. Then you will be able to combine these photos and turn it into a time-lapse video. Of course you just cant capture every second but if you did for every day, it would be awesome.

The next step is to make it social. So if you visited a place, took snapshots, and some other guy also took pictures of the same after a few days, they can be combined together to make a time-lapse video.

Project Tripod app for Windows Phone

Looking at the image above you can see that time-lapse wont be just about series of images put in together but you can expect many combinations like creating an overlapped image, blending two different images and so on.

While we have already applied for notification about its beta, we would love if you do the same and express how the app can get better and bigger. So go ahead and signup here.

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