Project your Windows Phone 8.1 Screen to a PC

If you are using the Windows Phone 8.1 you might have noticed an option under the settings to project the screen to a PC, TV or other displays. This is very similar to Screen Mirroring on the Samsung Galaxy phones where you can connect the phone to other displays. This is useful when you want to display your presentation on bigger screens.

Project my screen is a new feature of Windows Phone which allows this functionality. As of now this feature is available via USB only and Wi-Fi does not work.

Project My Screen Demo

Once you have connected the phone via USB cable and installed the Project My Screen desktop app, you can see a notification on your phone to allow screen projection. This should be instant without you launching the settings page.

Project Mu Screen Notification

If you click Yes, you can see the phone screen displayed on the computer within the app. It’s also possible to project it to screens like TV, if they support it. Drivers are the main issue here.

Project my screen

This app is pretty useful when doing presentations from your phone on to bigger displays. If the app is not working for you, check out the MonkeySlaps blog to see the troubleshooting options. Again, the issue is with the drivers talking to Windows Phone. So for example, it worked for my desktop but not for my laptop.

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