PSA : Ransomware “Bad Rabbit” is digging PCs but you can Secure Your PC Right Away

Ransomware is the new “Malware” you need to worried about these days, than anything else. Today, there is a brand new Ransomware “Bad Rabbit” is spreading, and you better get ready to protect your PC on the first hand. The attacker who masterminded this is demanding   .05 Bitcoin or $276 USD to unlock your PC data.  First, do it as you read it, later we put in more details:

  • Go to C Drive > Windows
  • Create a file infpub.dat
  • Right click on that file, and remove all permissions for it.

This is the base file this Ransomware uses to lock folders on your PC. The tip came from Amit Serper , security research, malware analysis, and f-bombs. He also leads the security research @cybereason Boston. He said

Vaccination for the Ukraine round 2? Wanna stop ? Create a file called c:\windows\infpub.dat and remove all write permissions for it. This should keep the malware from encrypting. Testing it now…

That said, I would also suggest to keep Windows 10 Defender turned on Windows 10 PC, and upgrade your PC to Windows 10 FCU. This update of Windows can protect your folders, which you select, from getting encrypted using its Controlled Folder Access Option.

  • Select Start  > Settings .
  • Choose Update & security  > Windows Defender.
  • Select Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Select Virus & threat protection, and then choose Virus & threat protection settings.
  • Under Controlled folder access, turn it on or off.

So what is Bad Rabbit Ransomware?

The source of this Ransomware is located in Russia and Ukraine and is spreading across Europe right now. It has majorly targetted Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Kiev’s public transportation. Along with this Russian media portal, Interfac also appears to be hacked, which was restored later. This was also confirmed by Kaspersky. They said it targeted media outlets.

Interesting to note that this ransomware gets into action only when somebody visits a website which asks them to download flash files to run media files.

Nevertheless, you should follow the steps above, and make sure to upgrade to Windows 10 FCU ASAP.

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