PWPD Releases New Custom ROM For HTC HD7

A team of developers, known as PWPD, have released a new custom ROM for the HTC Schubert a.k.a the HD7. The new ROM brings quite a lot of new features and enhancements for all HD7 owners to try.

Below is the full feature list of the ROM-:

-Full Unlock.
-Install XAP through IE
-22 languages.
-Ability to run Advance config,reg edit,touch explorer etc.
-Ability to run all apps that is ported from WM 6…(like opera mini)
-Ability to run Xbox live games with out hacking.
-Custom themes and accents.
-Changed HTC logo with a new logo.
-A little more better battery saver.(a little. don’t expect 2 hour.)
-Debug through VS available.
-Ability to install cab file without losing your theme or interop unlock or any thing else.(it just change the theme to lose of registry)
-Added some app.specially PWPD Persian Keyboard.
-Added a file browser for developers
-PWPD Special Persian Keyboard Developed By tighoor.

The ROM also comes pre-installed with some popular WP7 apps like Opera Mini, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Touch Xplorer. Since the ROM has the ability to install XAP through IE, users can install apps using a Cydia like alternative for WP7, Bazaar. Interested HTC HD7 owners can download the Custom ROM from here.

Before proceeding, please make sure that your HD7 has at least 50% battery and have the RSPL/HSPL bootloader installed on your phone.

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