Qualcomm claims that Win32 apps won’t affect battery life on ARM PCs more than on Intel

Qualcomm had made a claim that Win 32 Apps won’t affect battery life on ARM PCS which is powered by Snapdragon 835, and the effect will almost same as it is on the Intel processors.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10 ARM is its battery life. Any device which uses Windows 10 ARM will be able to deliver 20 hours of battery life. Since Windows 10 ARM supports all WIN32 Apps (using emulation) many had cast their doubt on how it will affect the battery life as those apps, and software are not going anywhere.

Source: Windows on ARM

Neowin asked the same question to a representative from Qualcomm, Pj Jacobowitz, at CES last week, and the answer is positive for now unless it’s tested. Neowin was told that the performance and battery life impact should be the same as it would be on a PC with an Intel processor.

While the devices aren’t out yet, and we won’t see anything concrete till the end of the year, always connected PCs which can even connect to the internet while on standby with such huge battery life will be doubtful unless they come out to the public.

That said, even OEMs don’t have a very concrete answer to this. Everyone has their own version, and it seems except for Qualcomm, nobody is able to take that claim for now.

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