Qualcomm: First Windows 10 on ARM PCs to Arrive in the Fourth Quarter

Last Year, Microsoft announced Windows 10 on ARM in partnership with Qualcomm, the makers of the popular Snapdragon processors. Now CIO reports that first Windows 10 PC running on a Snapdragon 835, yeah we are talking about full Windows 10 on a Mobile Processor, is going to arrive in Q4 2017, around September may be.The source goes back to Seeking Alpha where the transcript is available to read and has mentioned about it. (Paid Service).

We also reported that OEMS have already started testing it, but there was no idea when the launch as planned as things went very quiet post announcement.  Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 Mobile will only support 13 recent devices, and now with this timeframe, we might expect a Windows 10 on ARM for those supported devices when they arrive.

It’s no doubt that Microsoft has lost their foothold on the Mobile section, and Windows 10 on ARM could be their last chance to get into anything which is about mobility, especially from the hardware perspective. Running full Windows 10 on Mobile like device which can act like real PC when connected to external devices does sound good.

We also expect Microsoft to announce new hardware form factors, just like what they did with Surface. Let us know what do you think about it?



Ashish Mohta
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