Qualcomm launches Industry-First Smart Speaker Platform Supporting Microsoft Cortana

Looking at how Amazon is dominating the AI based Voice Assistant market with Alexa, and its announced expansion to any device which is connected, the future of Cortana is already looking bleak. Microsoft silence and amount of work they had put in to make Cortana smarter is already been a question.

But Qualcomm is not giving up hopes. As a matter of fact, the Chip Giant has launched an Industry-First Smart Speaker Platform supporting Cortana. This is good news for Cortana for now. As a matter of fact, Qualcomm is also boosting Cortana for its another platform, The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform. This integrates Microsoft’s Digitial Assistant Cortana. As a combination, Mesh network will offer productivity capabilities like email, calendar, basic home automation tasks.

This was announced at CES 2018.

Jordi Ribas, corporate vice president, AI products, Microsoft said:

Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies are working together on a variety of strategic projects, and we’re pleased that Qualcomm Technologies is bringing the power of Cortana to the mesh networking platform. Microsoft technology on Qualcomm Technologies’ powered devices will empower people’s creativity and productivity at work and at home.

This is will now result in, expected, smart speakers which will use  Qualcomm’s platform and Cortana. Microsoft has been struggling hard to encourage OEMs to build smart speakers, but without a standard, things weren’t really working out.

That said, here is another aspect. Microsoft is not the only partner. Qualcomm didn’t build the platform just for Microsoft, but for anyone who would want to take the ride which includes Alexa, and Google Assistant as well.  The company has built Home Hub Things for Google Assistant, and Audio reference platform for Alexa.

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