Quickly Install Apps on Windows Phone using QR Code Generator (Chrome Extension)

When you install an app on your Windows Phone, the method we generally follow is to either search for the app in the marketplace on the phone or use the web version of marketplace and then install it directly on to the phone by signing in using your Windows Live ID (Microsoft Account).

Sometimes when searching for new apps, the marketplace on the phone might not show the app when searched for and this is available only on the web version. In such cases you can easily install the app on to the phone by using QR codes. Windows Phone has a built in QR code scanner powered by Bing.

Smart QRCode Generator is a Google Chrome Extension which can understand the Windows Marketplace link and generate direct download link for any app. There are multiple ways to use the extension. You can open the app page on Windows Phone marketplace and then click on the extension icon and it generates the direct download link as well as the URL.

QR Generator for Windows Phone App Download

Second way is to right click on the app URL and select the option from the context menu to generate the QR code.

Right Click to Generate WP App  QR

This will open a pop up window which displays the QR code along with direct download URL.

QR Generated after right click selection

The extension is supported on Google Play and iOS app store as well.

Download Smart QRCode Generator [via WMPowerUser]

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