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ReadAloud: Powerful Text to Speech App for Windows 10

ReadAloud is a compelling text-to-speech app that can read aloud web pages, news, documents, books, or your custom contents. It is a convenient tool for people who like multitasking! It allows you to do any other work while you can continue to listen to news/articles you love. It has various content sharing options like sharing from a web browser or other apps, clipboard monitoring, URL sharing, importing files, and so on. ReadAloud offers a significant number of customization options to suit everyone’s preferences. It could be of great assistance for visually impaired people. Here is how to use it to text to speech in Windows 10.

ReadAloud Home Screen

ReadAloud: Powerful Text to Speech App for Windows 10

Home Screen of the app is divided into two panes, Start and Recent. Start pane consists of three functions :

  • Blank– Let’s create your document. Whatever you type will be read aloud.
  • Web– enter the link, and the page will be loaded and read aloud.
  • File– You can import any document from your PC, and the app will read it for you. You can also make necessary changes in voice, the color of the text, etc. from the same window.

Pinned Screen:

You can pin your frequently read or favorite articles to your pinned screen. It helps to access your essential articles and keep track of them quickly.

Settings Screen:

It doesn’t contain many options and provides only some necessary opportunities. You can change the size of the recent list; you can select whether you want to see the Tips at startup, clipboard monitor. It also features Pronunciation Editor, which lets you add/delete words and their pronunciations correctly.

Reading Screen

When you open an article, you are taken to this place. It is the place where all the action happens. Open an article by any of the means, Web, File, or whatever. I’ll tell you how to use the Reading Screen of the app.

  • You can control the flow of reading via these control buttons. These control buttons here lets you Play, Pause, Stop, Previous line, Next Line, and Read from Pointer.
  • The sentence which is being read is highlighted with yellow, and the progress bar is shown at the button of the screen. You can even change the color of the highlighted text, the color of the reading window, and text size.
  • If you’re reading a web article, you can click the globe icon to go to the web page directly.
  • You can also pin an article directly from the reading screen.
  • Add more languages, or change the existing one by clicking on the language icon.
  • Use speech settings and audio settings button to control the language, gender, pitch, and volume.
  • While reading files, use the navigation buttons to navigate between apps.

Share and Import

There are multiple ways to share content with ReadAloud directly. You can do it via browsers like Microsoft Edge, Nextgen Reader, or any other reader app. Here is a short tutorial of sharing and importing articles to ReadAloud. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Microsoft Edge to import one of my items to ReadAloud.

  • Click on the Share button on Edge in the right-hand corner at the top, and select ReadAloud.
  • It will then extract the article from the app.
  • After it’s done extracting, you will have an option to read it now, add to the recent list or generate a notification.


The app is pretty easy to use and is provided with tons of tutorials. They have given tutorials for each and everything. The UI is straightforward to understand and use. It does its job entirely! However, the only drawback of the app is that the voice is very robotic, and it’s not fun to hear at all. Also, the app pauses for a long time when a full stop is encountered. There isn’t any other drawback; it never crashes; the performance is outstanding. Download the app from below.

Note: The app is available only for Windows 10  PC. It doesn’t work on Mobiles.

Download from Microsoft Store



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