How to Record Screen and Apps using Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10

Xbox App in Windows 10 comes with a recording tool–Xbox Game Bar, earlier called as Game DVR– which lets you record gameplays which you are playing on the PC or when streaming from Xbox One to PC. The same can be tricked to record almost anything on Windows 10 even though it’s purpose is to record games. In this video, we will show you can record screen and apps using the Xbox Game game bar in Windows.

Xbox Game Bar Recording Tools

How to Record Screen and Apps using Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10

  • Launch the app if you want to record it or if you plan to record everything on the screen, just minimize everything.
  • Open Xbox Game Bar using WIN + G hotkey. You should set of floating windows which displays Resource usage, Audio, Broadcast and capture tool.
  • Click on Settings > General > Remember this as a game
  • Done that, now click on Recording button or use WIN + ALT + R to start recording instantly.

XBox Game Bar Treat this as game

Do note that your PC should have the capability to record screen. Looks like unlike software like Snagit, the game recorder needs minimum hardware capability. All modern computer should work. All recordings are saved in MP4 format.

That said, this tool is not a great screen capture tool, but it could be handy if you just need to quickly record screen or apps in Windows 10, you can use the Game Bar.

Capture Settings:

Recording Option in Xbox Game Bar

  • In Xbox Game Bar, go to Settings > Capturing
  • Here you can configure
    • Recording
      • Recording in the background while you play the game or the app
      • Show microphone recording notifications
    • Audio to Record
      • Game + enabled mic
      • All it includes the above option along with sound from system apps
      • None which disables all audio recording

If you are a gamer, this is definitely an awesome tool to stream to platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and others. You can save recordings, and upload to anywhere you want.

Video Demo (Older version i.e. Game DVR)

How to disable Game Bar in Windows 10?

  • Open Settings (Win + I)
  • Go to Gaming > Game Bar
  • Toggle off the option which says Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar.

Disable Game Bar in Windows 10

Done that, even if you use the shortcut or launch the Game bar from the Start menu, it will not open.


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