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RecordCast Review: Installation free online screen recorder

With the modern-day world completely advancing to the world of technology, especially in these difficult times, presentations, meetings, video conferences are all over the place. A screen recorder application could come in handy at multiple instances, whether you want to record an online lecture on zoom or save a recording for the future.

While regularly to demonstrate lectures, create training videos, and demonstrate computer problems and methods of solving them, one needed to install an application on their machine. With technological advancements, now one can record their screen for free without installing any additional programs. One such example is RecordCast; here’s everything you need to know about it.

RecordCast Review: Best Online Screen Recorder?

RecordCast Review: Best Online Screen Recorder?

Starting with the point I like most about RecordCast, it doesn’t require a user to signup or registers or even downloads and installs the tool on the PC. RecordCast works by capturing the screen or the entire window using an extension. It’s free and straightforward to use tools in which a person with any skills could operate.

Users could select between the audio source of the recording. It can be either the internal sound, the microphone, or no audio at all. Once recorded, the application also offers its users the ability to edit videos. You can trim, split, add text effects, combine effects, and lot more.

And that’s not all. While exporting, there is no watermark, so you don’t need to be annoyed with the logo being displayed all the time. With just a simple click to start recording and click to stop. There is no need to install software on the PC. RecordCast forms an excellent portable option for users who would like to record on the go.

How to Record Screen using RecordCast

Recording screen with RecordCast is relatively easy and can be done in three simple steps. Here’s how one can record.

  • Head over to Record Cast Screen Recorder and choose the Start Recording button.
  • Here the browser will ask you to choose from either of the three options; for audio, namely: Microphone, System Audio, or No Audio.
  • Once done, click on the Red-colored start recording button, choose the window to be captured, and click Go.
  • Recording starts now; once the recording has been completed, choose the stop recording button available, and the recording will be saved directly to the PC.
  •  In the case now, you would like to edit the video; Choose the Edit this screencast now button. It will redirect you to the editing tool from where one can edit the videos easily.

10 Best Game Recording Software for Windows 10

Gaming is a prime source of entertainment for many people globally. Almost every game includes some secrets; that’s why every user requires guidance to understand it properly and play at its best. Gaming communities offer video tutorials of many games that help beginners learn and master it quickly. Here we have listed some of the best game recording software that is easy to use and comes with tons of useful features.

With that said, How often do you record screen online? Do drop a comment down below and let us know.

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