ReCore Now Offers 3o minutes of Free Trial

Try before you buy. This mantra is very crucial at many places, and when it comes to gaming this is something that should be a standard. There are two reasons for this. First, the games aren’t cheap, and second ┬ádigital downloads.

ReCore, which we reviewed last week, is now offering free trial of 30 minutes on Xbox One and Windows 10. Its a Play Anywhere enabled game which allows you to buy once, and play on any Windows 10 device.


Team at Xbox News Wire mentions that your progress is always stored, so if you plan to buy the full version, you can start just from where you left. That said, while 30 minutes doesn’t offer full potential of the game, but it does give you enough time to find if you would like the game ahead. Do make sure to read our review.

You will also end up downloading 5.6 GB of patch once the game is installed which ReCore team recently released to fix the loading time issues, and more.

Price: $19.99
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