ReCore Review : The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

ReCore, one of the most hyped, Xbox Play Anywhere IP from Microsoft Studios, is finally here. If you been planning to buy the game, but want to a clear idea if its worth it, here is our review.

The Good


If you been looking for an engaging RPG that can keep you on your toe, and be challenging, ReCore does it beautifully. On one end the game is fun to play, and on second hand its tough as well. You really cannot clear every stage by constant firing on the bots which shows up, but you also need to strtatgise when to use your companion bot, which one to use, which colour firepower, quick switching, and also use the usual dash, double jumps and take off the core at the right time.

When I first started playing ReCore, it was turning out to be lot easier, but as the game progressed, and you meet bots which levelled up, it was not easy any more. I had to replay some of boss levels multiple times, and change my strategy to get across.  The companion bots play an important role as well when taking down enemies, but you need to command them to attack the one you are attacking to distract.

Color Coded Bots:

What makes the game even tougher is when you have different colour-coded bots. The only weapon you have is a rifle which is capable of firing colour-coded bullets. So if you have a red bot, you need to use the red one. The real challenge happens when you have multiple enemies with different colour code or when you have a boss which keeps changing colours.

The bots have huge variety, and their fire power are lethal. Some appear as spiders, while some play lions, some are tanks. The bosses holding the prismatic core are bigger, meaner, and come with recharge options which makes your work even harder.


When reaching out to your core objective, the map reveals tons of dungeons scattered through the map. While they can skipped, but if you are planning to upgrade your skills, and energy levels, you need to check them out. That said, dungeons have their own style. Some of them are based on puzzle, some have steam of enemies, while some are just simple enough to collect your rewards. However, be warned that they can be very tedious at times. So if you get bored, keep moving.

Xbox Play Anywhere:

This is one of the games that you can play both on PC, and Xbox and you just need to buy it once. The game progress is saved, and synced across so you can stop anywhere and start anywhere.

The Bad:

Companion Bots:

Joule gets variety of bots. To the level I have played you have Mac, Duncan and Seth . They all have different capability. One can smash, the other can take you through heights, and one can dig. One thing they have in common is fighting along side with you. However, you will have to command them most of the time, and they would hit on any target which you are firing on.

ReCore puts a limitation on how many bots you can take along. The limit is two. The challenge here is that the levels dont give you a clear idea on which Companion bots you should carry. Many a times I ended up taking the wrong ones, and needed to travel back to the exhaustive desert to find a Fast Travel point to select the one I need.  You will also have to be wise enough upgrading the bots for the same reason.

Exploring can be tedious:

ReCore’s world is large, full of sand, rocks, and metals, and trust me if you keep on exploring, you are bound to get tired. Some of the objectives, which you an skip, need to you get around things and find stuff…and its like finding a needle in stack of hay. So yeah, you will end up walking or dashing on the sand a lot.

The Ugly

Upgrading is tedious:

Joule, companion bots, Enemies, Joule’s weapon all have levels. You will have to keep upgrading yourself, and the bots using the parts left from enemies, and cores you collect.  Cores are pretty important as they help you increase Attack, Defence, and Energy level.

What I did not like at all is the restriction on where you can upgrade you, and your bots. There is this specific place where you need to go back all the time to upgrade. While the game does support fast travel, but many a times you cannot just travel back to the same place if you plan to upgrade in between. I had to replace a complete level because of this.

If you had played Tomb Raider, upgrading things was lot easier, where you only needed to find a base camp which was scattered throughout.

Fast Travel Points:

They are limited, and you almost have to cross half the map to enable Fast Travel points. If you forgot, and by any chance plan to upgrade in between, you will end up playing half of the level again.

Lazy Load Screens:

You will get to see it many a time, specially when playing boss levels. For some reason, even when exiting from base to courtyard takes a lot of time. It just forces a load screen which keeps on going.


Its not a full title, and the game did not have a big budget as well. So if you expect jazzy design, and thats your priority, lets skip it. The game is based on open world which is vast, and it ain’t sharp either.  The biggest problem with the design is everything looks same all around with a very small amount of variation.  Its pretty boring, dull  and the sun always shines. ReCore team could have done a bit more of work to at least make it interesting, if not jazzy.

Story Line:

While your an find about it on the official site, but here is what it is in brief. The game is set to play in future time where humans have learnt to make a planet habitable. The current plant is named as Far Eden which is being prepped for terraforming using machines and bots.  Something goes wrong, and when Joule, our player, awakes from cry-sleep finds his dad and whole team missing.

As she starts discovering with fear of being all alone, she discovers that bots have gone rouge, and she will have to fight them. Then she also discovered Primastic core which is some sort of energy source to get things back to normal.  The story line is not very strong, but its good enough to set the context of the game.


The game was pretty much hyped with its announcement at E3, and  honestly doesn’t live it. Except for the gameplay, most of the things weir either wasting time, or tedious, and if you plan to explore the whole open world, its going to get boring. Most of the time I stayed on track with missions, skipping most of the side missions. However, be aware that you cant skip the prismatic cores at any level.

The game is priced at $39.99, and IMO, and its little high keeping everything in mind. The game should have been priced at $29.99.

Price: $19.99
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