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Remote Desktop Cannot Connect to the Remote Computer

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection is an essential tool for many IT professionals. It gives them the power to control PCs remotely and look into problems and fix them. But things can be problematic when you encounter errors like Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer in Windows 11 and Windows 10.

There are several reasons why you might see the error. Maybe, there is a connectivity issue, you have entered the wrong login credentials, or an issue related to HTTP/UDP protocol. No matter what the reason is, below, we have shared a couple of fixes.

Remote Desktop Can’t Connect To The Remote Computer

Remote Desktop Cannot Connect to the Remote Computer.

There can be a bunch of reasons why you are having issues with Remote Desktop. Maybe, your internet connection is unstable, wrong login credentials, your RDP not working after Windows update, Firewall issue, and more. However, to fix the problem, we will be looking at the following fixes on Windows 11 and Windows 10:

  1. Enable Remote Connections
  2. Change Firewall Settings
  3. Reset Remote Desktop Credentials
  4. Change Network Properties
  5. Add the Remote Computer’s IP address to your Host’s File

Now let’s talk about these fixes in brief one by one:

1] Enable Remote Connections 

First thing first, make sure that you have enabled RemoteDesktop on your computer. If it’s disabled, then you obviously won’t be able to use the feature. To enable the service, you can follow the below steps:

  • Open Windows Settings using Win + I on your keyboard
  • Navigate to System > Remote Desktop
  • Toggle on the Remote Desktop option
  • Expand to customize the port and Network Level Authentication
  • Lastly, click on Remote Desktop users, and assign users who can use it.

2] Change Firewall Settings

One of the first things that you should do is change your Firewall settings. In most cases, your Firewall blocks incoming and outgoing connections. In case if there is a strict firewall policy, it would be tough for you to connect to a remote server.

Even in most cases, the Remote Desktop feature is blocked through Windows Firewall. If that’s the case with you, then you will need to enable it. And to do so, you can follow the below steps:

  • Open Windows Security by searching it in the Start Menu
  • Go to Firewall and network protection and click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall and launch it.
  • Click on Change settings.
  • Now scroll down from the list until you Spot Remote Desktop.
  • Place a checkbox in front of it and a checkbox under the Private tab.
  • Click on OK to save changes.
  • Once done, go back to Remote Desktop and try connecting to a remote computer and see if this worked.

3] Reset Remote Desktop Credentials 

There is also a high chance that you are entering the wrong credentials, so the Remote Desktop fails to connect to the remote computer.

It usually happens when you are trying to open a saved connection as the remote Desktop might have changed the login details. So ask the remote computer owner to change their login credentials and share the updated ones with you.

Once you have the updated credentials, use the below steps to establish a connection:

  • Go to Windows search and type down Remote Desktop Connection and launch it.
  • Enter the computer’s IP address to which you are trying to connect.
  • Next, your computer will give you the option to edit or delete the credentials.
  • Click on Delete to remove the credentials.
  • Next, enter the credentials again and save them for future connections.

4] Change Network Properties

There is also a high chance that the remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer error is occurring because your network has been set up as Public. However, it can be fixed by switching network properties to Private. For this, follow these steps:

After that, try connecting to the remote server and see if it works.

5] Add the Remote Computer’s IP address to your Host’s File

You can also try adding the remote computer’s IP address to your Host’s File. As several users reported that this little hack fixed the issue for them. So go ahead and follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows Key + X and select Windows Terminal (Admin) from the menu.
  • Once you are on Windows Terminal, run the below command:
cd C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc
  • Next, run the below command to launch a notepad file.
notepad hosts
    • Once the Host’s File opens up, enter the IP address of the Remote Computer at the end of the File.
  • Then go to File> Save or use the CTRL + S keyboard shortcut.

Can Ping Computer but Can’t Remote Desktop?

The issue mainly occurs with the RDP service or your Firewall. So first, make sure you have allowed Remote Connection in your Firewall. If that didn’t help, do contact your RDP service provider.

Why Is Remote Desktop Not Connecting?

If your Remote Desktop is not connecting, it is probably your Firewall blocking the access. So make sure you have allowed the Remote connection in your Firewall and then try establishing a connection.

What Is the Best Alternative To Remote Desktop?

Apart from, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool, you can use third-party programs like TeamViewer and AnyDesk. For RDP, you can use RemotePC – But it’s not a free solution.

So those were all the fixes for Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer. Now go ahead and follow the fixes and see if they did work for you. In case if you are stuck on anything, do let us know through the comments, and we will try to solve it.

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