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Remove Recently Used Apps from Start Menu in Windows 10

At many homes, or a computer which is shared by many people, privacy becomes a significant concern. You don’t want anybody to know which apps you were using or where you are going on the web. In Windows 10, Start Menu displays a list of most used and recently used apps right upfront. It even shows the newly opened jump lists. In this post, we will share how to remove recently used apps from Start Menu in Windows 10.

Remove Recently Used Apps from Start Menu in Windows 10

If you want to get rid of it, Windows 10 Start menu customization settings let you change it,

  1. Press Start Button using a keyboard or mouse,
  2. Now type in Start Settings. It should get listed on top. Alternatively, you can find it under Settings > Personalization.
  3. Done that, you have a direct option to get rid of all those most used, recently used apps, files, and folders. Just toggle off, and you are done.Toggle off the following
    • App list in Start menu
    • Recently added apps
    • Most used apps

Start Menu Customization

The same place gives you two more option. One is to use the Start menu in full screen, which is useful on Tablets. The second is to choose which folders show up in the start menu.

Remove Folders from the Start Menu

  • Select “Choose which folders appear on the Start.”
  • Here you can view a set of predefined folders and settings. You have Windows  Explorer, Settings, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, HomeGroup, Network, and personal folder. The last one gives you access to most of the folders listed above
  • Toggle off the ones you want to remove from the list.

Post this, when you hit the Start Menu, you will not see any recent app list or recently installed apps. The later is achieved by toggling off the option which says “Show recently added apps.”

We hope these steps were easy to follow, and you no more see recently used apps or installed apps in the Start menu.

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