How to Remove Unwanted Programs from Windows 10 Startup

When you start your PC, a lot of other programs start along with it. While some programs are useful and mandatory, some are useless. These unwanted and pointless programs slow down your system and also increases your system startup time.

These “Startup programs” automatically run when you start your computer, and unless you manually exit them when your computer is on will run in the background.¬†Here are the steps to remove such programs from your Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

How to Remove Unwanted Programs from Windows 10 Startup

Open Run> Type msconfig in the dialog box, and hit enter. Then switch to the Startup tab. Here, it will ask you to Open Task Manager to manage your Startup programs. Click to open Task Manager.

Or You can directly open Task Manager and navigate to Startup. To open Task Manager, right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager or use CTRL+ALT+DEL.


  • Under Startup, you will find all your programs which can run in the background. This list will have both the applications, Enabled¬†or Disabled at the startup.
  • If I’m not wrong, Windows 7 had an option of Selecting multiple programs at once and then choosing the appropriate option, i.e., Enable, or Disable. You could Disable or Enable everything at once. Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t have that option, meaning you will have to do it for each program, one by one.
  • To disable startup programs in Windows 10, navigate to a program you want to disable at the startup, right click on the program you wish to disable> click on Disable.

Should I remove it software

Not sure what program to remove? Confused which program is essential and which one is useless? Should I Remove, It is free software that can help you decide which to remove and which to keep. The program analyzes everything installed on your computer, then enables you to determine what’s safe to remove.

It displays ratings for each program and a removal percentage. The scores are collected based on users feedback. If you uninstall a program or disable using this, it will be marked. So if you use this program, you can remove it without any confusion as such. You can also click the What is it? Button to access an online database with more detailed information about the program or click Uninstall to remove it.

The program also helps you identify unwanted programs, including adware, toolbars, bloatware, crapware, and other junk. The website also maintains a list of programs and ratings and uninstallation percentage.

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