Report: Microsoft & Google to bring inbuilt Ad Blocker for Edge and Chrome

Adblockers are one of the most popular services most of the geeks use to block annoying advertisements, specially those which run in the background without permission. Now, reports are coming in that Microsoft, and Google are working to add an in-built adblocker to their browser.

If you are surprised why these companies are bringing this in, specially Google which runs the most popular advertisement service–Adsense–then here is the deal. These companies are planning to do it differently so it doesn’t hurt advertiser, publisher and doesn’t spoil the user experience of users.

In recent times, the popular adblockers have become very aggressive, and the industry cannot survive without advertisement.


Reported by AdAge, Coalition for Better Ads, which defines the standard of good advertisement, along with Google, Microsoft, Facebook are coming together to discuss this to make sure future of advertisement is safe. The blocker will only block advertisement which violate the Better Ads Standard like Large Sticky Ads, Automattic Video plays and so on.

“The end game here is to remove these types of ads which are undercutting the consumer internet experience,” Curran said. “Truthfully, those ads can potentially and seriously undercut the broader internet ecosystem.

A “blocking mechanism” or “technology” to prevent such ads from appearing will be put into place before the end of this year, Curran predicted.

That said, the extensions are coming anytime soon. As a matter of fact Coalition for Better Ads still need to set the roadmap, define advertisement, and other things to match the internet which is coming with new ideas everyday.

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