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Report : OEMs have started testing Windows 10 on ARM

Windows 10 on ARM aka Cellular PC is one of the biggest announcement of Microsoft, aiming to unify all its products to run just one Windows 10, and nothing else. not even a separate version for Phone.

While we all would like to see this happening one day with “PC in my Pocket” devices, good news is that OEMs have started testing Windows 10 on ARM, specially with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor support. All these products are expected to arrive later next year.


Shared by Digitimes, the report claims:

The sources pointed out that Qualcomm solutions’ advantages in battery life and costs are attracting vendors to invest resources in related product development. Although it is still rather early to determine whether such devices will see strong demand, most vendors believe extra choices are good for the PC market as differentiation is an important factor.

Microsoft is also going to update their Flagship Development tool Visual Studio which will help developers, and OEMS to test applications for ARM, and all this will overall help evaluate if Microsoft strategy is going to work.

Microsoft is hosting another WINHec event (December 14-15)  in Taipei, Taiwan with Microsoft’s OEM Division corporate vice president Nick Parker to present a keynote.

via DigitTimes

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