Review: Loop Drive 2: Crash Race makes it’s way to Windows 10 PC & Mobile

Loop Drive 2 is a casual arcade racing game with gameplay straightforward to get started but frustratingly difficult to master. Basically, all you have to do is drive your car in circles and avoid crashing your car. You would have to adjust your speed as you accelerate and brake at the right moments to avoid crashing into another vehicle.

Review: Loop Drive 2: Crash Race

The game is straightforward yet challenging. It has improved a lot in graphics and gameplay and is equally addictive compared to the first version of the game. The concept is straightforward, keep racing your car in a loop while avoiding other cars. The number of loops you complete, the number of points you get. Simple!



Review: Loop Drive 2: Crash Race

The game Loop Drive 2 is a sequel of Loop Drive and developed by Gameguru. The game on my Lumia 640 loads very fast. It just takes around 5 seconds to load, which is great! The game has a very clean UI. One of the most surprising things is, it never crashes! Yes, it never does. The app was launched yesterday, and as you might think, it will not be perfect. It will crash a few times, at least, but it never crashed. I’m really impressed with its performance.

User Interface & Brief Description:

Loop Drive settings

Now, coming to the brief description of the UI. As you open the game, you will see your High Score right below the game’s name. On the left, you have Settings – where you can turn on/off Music and Vibration and select the game language.

Review: Loop Drive 2: Crash Race

On the right, you have a small icon where you can collect bonus, and it’s called Bonus Mode. There are two modes of collecting bonuses: rotating the prize wheel and another by racing and collecting coins. Next to it, you have a Garage – where you select cars. And the next button is Play. Click on play, and you will be given two levels to choose from, Easy and Hard. Pick one, and start racing.

As soon as you finish a race, you will be prompted with a gift (not every time, though) and Stats, which includes the number of times you have played the game, your average score, and your daily record.

Overall Impression:

Review: Loop Drive 2: Crash Race

I wanted to share that while I was playing the game, I got a text on WhatsApp. I clicked on the notification, replied to the message, and clicked the back button to return to the game. And guess what? It didn’t show the blank black screen, which we usually get. It showed me the game screen directly. So, performance-wise, Thumbs Up! The game is very addictive. I really got addicted to it after playing it twice or so. It’s a must-have game. Hurry up and join the impossible race now!


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