Review : Lumia 920 ROCK “Big City” Flip Case Review

When you are looking for a case which fits in both style and quality and maximizes phone protection, ROCK “Big City” Flip Case is worth taking a look for Lumia 920. This case will not only make you instantly fall in love with it but also give you great experience while using it except one or two things. So check out the detailed review along with the first impression video.

Rock Flip Case Lumia 920 Back Open View

Unboxing & First Impression Video :

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Design / Build Quality / Ease of Use:

The outside is shiny which makes it look pretty when there is a lot of lights. The texture is rough and curved lines all over for stronger grip. In spite of that its extremely soft to touch because  of the material which is like in between of Plastic and Leather.


  • Protects Screen: The cover is what will make sure that your Lumia 920 screen doesn’t get any scratch. The inner section, which gets on top of the screen, is made up some soft leather plastic mix which is very smooth and soft. So even if you keep it in your pocket, it’s not going to hit on your screen.
  • Open Mode : When you open the cover for using the phone, it can be turned backside. This gives you bigger area to hold on with your palm. Also, when flipping it on backside, there is enough length that makes sure the cover doesn’t tear apart from the case with time.
  • Call Mode : You can close the cover and still continue the call, thanks to the cut-out exactly over the part from where you hear the voice of the other person on the call. This makes sure that the cover is not coming in the way at that time.

Rock Flip Case Fold View Lumia 920

Now the cover is not pinned to open like a book cover. Rather its lose so if you fold it down with a lot of pressure, the joints aren’t hurt. The cover swings of the phone. I would have loved if Rock had placed magnetic strips here for holding it straight.

Case Side:

Compared to cover, the case is pretty thick (at least three times) and is very strong. You can find this by just taking a look at it. The corners are bent properly to cover all sides of the phone, including the top and bottom.

The edges on top and bottom are thick, and they cover enough portion of the phone to make sure that even if you drop it straight, nothing happens to it.  Similar to Naked Shell Case, it has edges protruded out a bit.

Rock Flip Case Side View Lumia 920

All ports, camera, light, and speaker portions are precisely cut and accessible except the Sim Card Holder which gets in locked because of the curve the phone has.

Access to buttons:

This experience was pretty disappointing, and IMO this is the fault of the case. The problem is that the buttons are not really aligned to centre but moved up towards the case. Naked Shell Case is a real winner for this scenario.

Rock Flip Case Side View Luima 920

So now when you have the case on and you want to press the button, you will have to spend 2 seconds finding it and then another second to press. Since this moved on the sides, the edges of the cut-outs come in between your finger and the button.

Easy in and Easy out:

Putting in and taking out the phone was even easier than naked shell case. However, for the best experience, fold the cover first and then take it out or place it in.


It came in packed pretty well, thanks to the standard maintained by Rock for cases. There was dummy thermocol inside the case to keep the flip protected against any accidental pressure.

Gallery : Lumia 920 ROCK “Big City” Flip Case

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This is definitely a nice case to have and a good choice if you are looking for a Flip Case. However it takes a bit of learning to handle this. As you  will be opening it like a book, and many a time needs two hands instead of one. Since the holding area gets bigger with the cover going on the back, clicking buttons will become another challenge.

To my experience of two days, I found it easier to handle this on the second day. Its more like you learn how to use the stuff even though it has some drawbacks, but you need to make most out of it.

So you will have to find a balance between the look and feel, protection to phone, screen and problems with the usability. Since the cover is costlier, almost 25$ or INR 1300, you better find out some in store before buying it.

Where to buy it from ?

If you are in India, Check out at Ebay and for International Customer, there is an option at Amazon.

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