Review : Lumia 920 Rock Naked Shell Case

We all hate putting a case on our phone because it just takes away the beauty from the phone and then nobody can guess which phone you are carrying. So even if you aren’t worried protecting the phone, sure you are worried about that nobody is noticing it.

This is where Rock’s Naked Shell Case comes in, and we just got one yesterday.  As my first impression, I was instantly in love with the case and I can recommend it right away. Still, I will suggest you to check out this detailed review with First Impression video.

Rock NSC Lumia 920 Front and Back View

What I really liked about this Case :

Design: This case like it’s name, doesn’t take away the look, feel and the colour from your Lumia 920. The way its designed, nobody is going to notice that you do have the casing unless they hold it in their hand.

The side of the case are properly curved which goes along with Lumia, and the edges aren’t popping out from top and bottom section making sure that your phone is of the same size. When you closely notice, the edges are a bit out which makes sure that if your phone ever dropped straight, the damage is done to the casing and not your phone.

Rock Naked Shell Case Top View Lumia 920

Instead of wrapping, the button cuttings are open. This makes sure that the feel of pressing buttons aren’t gone.

Access to Buttons :

This is the best part of using the Naked Shell Case. The cut-outs for buttons make sure that the buttons are in centre. This gives you instant access to the actions when you press them. The cuttings never came in the way.

Rock NSS Button Side with Lumia 920

Better Grip :

The case is a mix of smooth and rough. It is not as slippery as Lumia 920 but then its not as gripful as the Amzer Hybrid case. However, it does provide a lot better grip than your Lumia 920. This makes sure you don’t drop your phone accidentally or when someone else gives you a surprise push.

Strength :

The case is made up of Polycarbonate material with a bit of flexibility. This makes sure that it has the right strength to bear the pressure if you drop your phone. Little flexibility makes sure that it doesn’t get out easily, and the grip to the phone stays strong.

There is also little chance of getting stains and markings of sweat because of the baking finish. Plus, it’s pretty easy to clean it.

Easy In and Out:

This is the second most important point after Access to Buttons. Any case which gives you wrestling experience either when you are putting the phone inside or taking it out of the case is not recommended.

Good thing that Naked Shell Case gives the best experience. Its very easy to slide in and slide out the phone. However, make sure you do in the right way else you will end up wasting a lot of time.

When You put in : Make sure that buttons side goes in first. When the phone is all in, you will need to push the other side, slowly, and it will slide in.

When Taking out : Hold your phone sideways. Then stick the button side to your stomach and apply pressure with both thumbs on the other side. This should take your phone out.

Packing :

This needs a word here because Rock Cases come with awesome packing. They aren’t loose packed in a plastic, but they are like a semi-boxed pack and properly sealed.  I was very impressed with it.

Rock Naked Shell Boxing for Lumia 920

Verdict :

I will highly recommend this case because not only it makes sure that look and feel remains the same but so does your phone. String material and modern looks. The case costs around 10$ which is not costly either.

Gallery : Naked Shell Case for Lumia 920

First Impression Video

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Where to buy from ?

Indian Customers: Flipkart has the listing for all colours of Lumia 920 except a red one, but they are still not available.  You can try

International Customers: Check out Amazon or

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