Review: Micromax Canvas WIN W121 (Windows Phone)

If you are a Micromax user and a big fan of Windows Phone, check out our detailed review of the device and how it performs for every perspective. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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Display & Screen:

It’s a 5 inch 720P HD IPS display which makes it outstanding similar to what Xolo WIN Q900S delivers. The display is sharp; you get to read more text anywhere because the high-resolution action center has an extra item in quick settings.

DayLight or the Sunlight Readability:  It’s a treat to read text, message, or find anything on the phone in daylight. Even though the screen does reflect a lot, if you change the brightness profile to medium or high, it will get the job done.
Canvas WIN W121

Interestingly, when switching to automatic settings, the display doesn’t help much, even though we have an ambient sensor on board.

Swipe Experience: However, Micromax messed up things when it comes to screen quality when it comes to using it. It would help if you got the smooth feeling while swiping is missing, and during gameplay, I had to press a lot harder, mostly twice or long-press, for almost anything. What one will experience is annoying resistance and will miss a smooth swipe experience.

Use case:  My Son plays Asphalt 8 a lot. In fact, he has played it on most of the devices I have reviewed to date. He came back complaining that he cannot tap on next to get to the next screen and start the race. Bingo! The problem is that you need to press harder than usual, and kids aren’t used to it.

Build & Design

How does it feel in hand: It feels like a big device if you are used to 4 or 4.5-inch devices as the phone is wide. I can fit the Xolo’s WIN Q900S into its display. So how does it feel in hand? It feels big, and it’s not for people with small hands because you won’t be able to operate it with one hand. However, it’s really pleasing for gaming, watching movies, and consuming a lot of text.

Rear: While it’s not the lightest phone, it weighs over. It does have a premium-looking leather back panel which will impress everybody. The leatherback has stitching as well on the edges, which adds up to the looks. Cut for the camera, flash and speakers are precise with Micromax Metal Logo.

Canvas WIN W121 Rear Casing

It is interesting to note the camera module protrudes out by few millimeters, which could have exposed it to accidental hits. Still, Micromax designers added a metal ring around it to ensure it stays safe.

Side: The side of the phone is surrounded by a metal ring and looks sandwiched between two thin white layers of the phone. There are two buttons that are easy to press. While volume knockers are on the left, the power button is on the right. There is no camera button.

Front: There is no effort made to make the front look good, and the capacitive buttons make it look even worse. They light up half and look very cheap and not to miss. They are comparatively small and look like rushed jobs.

WIN W121 Capacitive Buttons

Camera (Picture and Video Quality)

The 8-megapixel rear camera with flash turns out to be a treat for daylight pictures. Not only lot of details are captured, but you also get the right colors with the click. Like XOLO, the only option you have here is the Microsoft Camera app, which allows you to access few settings to fiddle with. Suggest you read out detailed post on the camera here.


Low Light


Front Camera: The front camera is 2 MP which is good enough for video calls over Skype or any other app which supports it. Most phones at this price do not have a front camera, which adds to the advantage here.

Video Recording:  The camera doesn’t support Zoom (processor restriction), and video recording is only 480P. The camera doesn’t capture much light during recording, and hence you will need to turn on the flash.

Application Performance

Apps used: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and other apps.

If I have to talk about Windows Phone 8.1, It works fine even on 512 MB RAM with 8 apps running back to back. So having 1 GB RAM is even better. I see no problem using any app. They load up fast, and apps like WhatsApp and Messenger don’t miss a notification.

WIN W121 Multiple Tasking

A couple of you asked about Multitasking. Windows Phone 8.1 allows you to run 8 apps in the background, and with 1 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz processor combined with enough space on your internal storage or class 10 SD card, it works fast and without any lags. You can switch to apps quickly between emails, games, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any app in the background.

Game Performance with Asphalt 8: Airborne

The phone HD display makes sure that you get an excellent experience without any color change when you tilt your phone during gameplay.

There is no lag during gameplay, the game resumes back without hiccups during car wrecks, and loading time is fine.

The only drawback—the phone heats up—during the gameplay. The metallic logo on the rear case heats up big time, but it does help get the heat off. The metal ring around the camera also heats up.

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Micromax Canvas WIN W121 Battery Speakers

  • Capacity: The phone houses a 2000mAh battery.
  • Apps Used: Calls, Message, 4 Email Accounts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Microsoft Camera.

Day Wise Report.

You will need to wait for at least 2 charges to get the battery performance you expected from the phone. Below are day-wise results when used with a combination of WIFI and 3G as internet sources.

  • Day 1: 15 to 16 hours with casual usage
  • Day 2: 12 to 14 hours with Gaming, Music, and heavy WhatsApp usage.
  • Day 3: 18 to 19 hours on Casual Usage.
  • Day 4: 15 hours on very heavy usage, including an hour of gaming and music over speakers.
  • Day 5: Same as day 4. This was to make sure I am getting the right result.

That said, the battery will survive for a day, and you should be at your rest place by then. It doesn’t mean it will give up on you if you don’t charge after 18 hours, but it means you should not be used for anything heavy, and it can survive the night with a battery saver on.


How much is available during the first setup:  The phone comes with 8 GB of internal storage, of which you get 5.3 GB to use.

Was it enough:  8 GB of internal storage is more than enough for regular usage, and you don’t need to get a microSD right away? However, if you need it, I would highly recommend grab a microSD card of Class 10 and move all your apps. That class will make sure that you get performance and space both to get you the best experience.

OTG: It is still not supported in Windows Phone 8.1

Audio Quality:

In-call quality is excellent. After using it for 6 days, I had no problems. The audio is loud and clear.

On Speakers: It comes with powerful speakers, loud and clear enough to listen to music, watch movies, and play games. Because of a slightly curved rear and protruded camera module, the audio remains as loud as when you are holding it or keeping it on the table.

Micromax Canvas WIN W121 Speakers

Using Headphones: While this experience will differ based on the type of headphones or earphones you use, overall, it is good even though the phone doesn’t have Audio Settings, Equalizer, and even Dolby Support.

Dual SIM Support

The phone comes with DUAL SIM Support which supports 3G. Also, Windows Phone has many Smart Dual Sim features that I have covered in general here. Do read about it.

Micromax Canvas WIN W121 SIM and SD Slot


  • The phone has all the sensors except for the compass.
  • It supports a microSD Card, and apps can be moved or installed directly to it.
  • You cannot play HD movies. Max support is for 854×480
  • There is a notification center available as it has Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box.
  • Cortana works, but you need to install developer preview.
  • There is no way to zoom in and out during or before captures.


Absolutely recommendable phone at this price, but the heating issue and touch response bring the overall score down. If you are not much into gaming, you can live with the touch response with the advantage of having a big phone, high-resolution display, good camera, and decent battery life, which at this price is impressive on Windows Phone.

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  1. Sad that Nokia or any other famous brands are not coming with this kind of spec which we see in Micromax. I never ever buy a Micromax phone even it has the best config with Windows in it.

  2. Hi ,

    does this phone has “Automatic Brightness” settings ON\OFF in display menu

    Or we have to set LOW\MEDUIM\HIGH each time.

  3. is windows store available coz i saw one review in which it was stated most apps there are not free#windows store available for one year only#or is there any other store for this phone like the “mmx windows store” :)
    which looks more premium white or black? option of flipcase available or not?
    speed of net in 2g ,3g AND WIFI MODE?
    which player is running on this phone?
    sir please clear my doubts coz i wanna buy this phone with my first salary
    eagerly awaiting for your reply

  4. only nokia apps like creative studio,glam me,story tllr, is not in market…..otherwise all apps r available in market like lumia …….m i right ???

  5. 1. Yes you do have Windows Phone Store. There are lot of free and paid apps available. Paid apps are free for life. No MMX Windows Store here.
    2. White, as you get to see more details. Flipcase sold separately.
    3. Player as in?

  6. ashish sir…i am a great fan of yours….your reviews are clear cut and to the point,,,,,thankx for your reply ….from your videos i am sure u are a great lover of “white phones”,,,,,,but dont u think when the colour of the phone is black , the screen and the videos appear well defined..///past two months i was looking for clear cut reviews on this specific phone and i was confused coz i didnt find one,,,,now since last week ever since, i seen your video, i made my mind to buy this phone.
    i want to know one more thing —-best site to buy this phone?
    also——-sir why arent the critics giving this phone a full fledged thumbs uppp?…such a great phone at this price,,,,we can say “A COMMON MAN’S WINDOWS PHONE”,,,still no addvertisemnt on TV.,,,,and i think the critics who are blaming this phone are not “so called lumia lovers”infact they are micromax haters by branding it as “chineese””cheap”
    i recently met one critic a friend of mine, who was giving me lecture on how to increase our GDP, advantages of using indian products and suddenly i asked him( nokia lumia user)..about micromax can win,,,and then u know what happened,,,,,,,blame blame blame and blame…….

  7. Does it happen all the time? Can you set App install option directly to SD card, and see what happens? You will need to use Storage Sense to do that.

  8. 1. Is there any charging indicator LED when you plug charger.

    2. Is there any LED Flash when Missed call or Battery Low.

  9. I have purchased this phone yesterday. Great phone. But 1 problem I have observed.
    How to disable vibration while clicking back central search buttons on canvas w121 ?
    If anybody knows please tell me.

  10. Also Is there any antivirus for windows phone and how to check ram usage and app like clean master(in android).

  11. you dont need any antivirus…coz windowsphone is highly secure and…….there is no chance to enter virus on your phone…… dont take tens. your phone is totally safe……

  12. Are speech based features available? There is indeed an item under settings that allows you to specify certain options for speech. But the mic (speech) icon is not visible. Nothing happens on keeping the “start” key or “search” key pressed.

  13. In W121 is it possible to:
    a) install VLC player, IPCAM
    b) folder management like sound files, downloaded files, temp files etc
    Problems with W121 are:
    c) During incoming calls short name appears create confusion in names.
    d) While typing numbers for call, back cursor not available so to change inermediate digit all digits to be delete.
    e) In contacts only name appears while number doesn’t. So to check number click on name is must.
    f) In maps other alternate routes not showing. only one route shows.
    g) In whats-app only single message can be select for forwarding.

  14. everything except the battery is excellent. The battery doesn’t even last for full day on moderate use. My earlier phone Xperia L used to last for 2 days. If I don’t charge in a/noon, phone discharges completely before I leave for home.

  15. hello Sir,

    I am using Micromax Canvas Win from last 1 month, but it find hard to handle window OS. I am not able to play HD videos please suggest me some good Video player which should be free and can be easily accessable on Play store.

  16. Thanks Amaan, I have tried to download it but its not free I have to purchase it.
    also please suggest me how I can zoom in or out during photo capture.

  17. Apps are not getting downloaded in mobile data. I am getting message that it requires wifi. Is ther a solution fr this.

  18. hello guys,
    I have same issues I cant download Whatsapp videos and photos.
    I cant zoom camera
    I cant play HD video songs from my memory card.

    please suggest

  19. Hi Ashish ur video was very helpful thanks for that
    Now my concern is that I heard that we cant play HD 720p videos on this phone, is it true?

  20. Dear Ashish can u please advise me for the touch setting in w121.,actually there is no touch setting . I want to off vibration while pressing “back””windows””and search button

  21. Dear Ashish can u please advise me for the touch setting in w121.,actually there is no touch setting . I want to off vibration while pressing “back””windows””and search button

  22. I bought this phone in the past week but I can’t download any apps from the store and I can’t even update application like videos. I need help now regarding this…….. I want to download apps from the store….

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