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Review: Tweeten for Windows 10; Possibly the Best Twitter Client for Windows PC

Tweeten for Windows 10 was released on 29th Jan. as a desktop app. Yes! It’s not a Store app, its a desktop app, meaning it will be working only for Windows 10 PC/ laptop/tablet, and not Mobiles. Tweeten is a very new addition to the list of twitter apps for Windows. There are already numerous twitter apps for available for Windows, which are better than the official one, but this one stands out, it really does. And after using it for more than a week now, I’m gonna do a detailed review for you.


Tweeten is the world’s best twitter client, and by far better than any other twitter app available in the market. Even though its a Beta app, it never crashes or lags. However, it does takes time when you the start the app for the first time but lets not forget that its still a Beta app. Before jumping off to the review lets see what Tweeten had to say about the release.

Here is what the Tweeten had to say about the release:

Today we are very excited to release the first beta of our Windows app. We have been working very hard on the app for almost a month now, and it’s finally here.

Tweeten makes TweetDeck look and work better. Our app provides a cleaner, and prettier user interface which offers a better user experience. The user interface of our app focuses on simplicity and takes away TweetDeck’s ugly user interface.

With the first beta of our app, we are delivering the ability to change the Column sizes to anything you want, which will definitely improve your TweetDeck experience.

As this is a beta, some features are missing currently. We aren’t delivering a Light theme for the app right now – however, we are planning to release an update which will bring the Light theme sometime soon. Additionally, don’t be surprised to see some bugs here and there as this is a beta release.


  • Tweet button: Now share your thoughts even faster, with a separate Tweet Button, situated right below the Hamburger Menu.
  • Columns: Ability to add new columns. Apart from Home, Messages, Notifications, and Activity. They can also be adjusted.
  • Security: Add a confirmation step before tweeting from your account. This doesn’t let anyone else tweet from your account.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Respond to your tweets instantly. Keyboard shortcuts lets you do things quickly, without having to move the cursor. For example, N for new tweet, R for reply.
  • Home: It not only shows you tweets from the people you follow but also lets you respond to that right away by clicking the 3 dots.
  • Customizability: Supports general customization, like Themes, changing Font and Column size.
  • Multiple Account Support

Good Bits:

Tweeten is the best Twitter client available for Windows. It has some amazing features which are not there even in the official app. One of them is, Keyboard shortcuts. This lets you do things quickly. It works like this, open Tweeten and then click the keyboard shortcut button to do tasks. N to New Tweet, P to view User profile, Ctrl+Enter to send Tweet and so on. You can check out all the Keyboard shortcuts by clicking on Settings and then selecting Keyboard shortcuts.

Apart from this, I liked how its possible to create various new columns. This lets you have a glance at things quickly. The UI looks pretty good and can be customized to a certain extent. Last update brought some performance improvements and a new Tweet button.

Bad Bits:

The app takes a lot of time to start, it shows plain white screen for approx. 1 minute, after you start the app. The app doesn’t crash but does lags a bit while scrolling horizontally. Pull to refresh support isn’t available (keyboard shortcuts are there, though). Doesn’t support changing of profile picture or header picture, loads browser instead.

Personal Opinion:

This is by far the best twitter client I have ever used. It’s feature packed and gives you an amazing experience. The UI is neat and supports customizability. However, it looks a bit sophisticated sometimes. Keyboard shortcuts are amazing, and makes the app easy to use.

Summing it up, if you need a perfect twitter client for your Desktop Tweeten is the one you should go for. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Download the app:

  • Windows x64 bit
  • Windows x32 bit



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