Review : Zombie Driver HD for Xbox 360, Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Groaning away at the title, I put off writing this review for a while cause’ I thought the game would be just another generic indie App-Storeish stuff we see coming out every day. The title isn’t helping the game, seriously. But it isn’t actually a bad game, exclusively available on XBLA (I hear it’s coming soon on PSN) it’s a pretty straight forward  top-down shooter kinda making you nostalgic of the early GTA games.  It’s set during a zombie apocalypse (No achievements unlocked even if you guessed that)

Zombie Driver HD


Objectives aren’t complicated – drive somewhere and kill everything. Yes, in all the 31 stages. It’s nicely presented and we all like killing zombies especially when blood splatters out on our tires. So it doesn’t feel like a chore to complete all the 31 levels especially with additional amour and the rocket launchers, the flamethrowers, school buses and pretty much a whole country full of zombies. It’s not a creative, innovative game; there is no narrative or a storyline. But it’s the dumb gory stages which make it all worth it.

The original game was released in 2009 for the PC and now it’s been enhanced almost across all sectors, the gameplay is better, the missions have improved. Finer details have been added. You know, the usual stuff.

Zombie Driver Kills



The developers have done a mediocre job as far the objectives one can achieve on a level. The game could have done so much more but it seems like the developers were not ready to push the envelope.

Most campaign missions take a few minutes to complete sometimes however some levels get annoying as zombies just don’t stop invading and you feel like hammering down each and every one of them (because that’s actually the only way you can complete a level_

I loved the Slaughter mode. It’s the survival mode of this game where you kill hordes of zombies and you receive weapon upgrades for surviving a round. As in the campaign, there’s a variety of zombies, including the one’s that attack the car, the one’s that throw bricks, and obviously fat zombies that explode.

Zombie Driver Boss Mode

Blood Race mode was quite disappointing actually even though it sounded great on paper and was one of the reasons I even picked this game up, the mode makes you compete in a race with AI zombies on the streets, all while trying to get weapon upgrades and trying your best by killing the zombies to get a better score. It’s actually not a bad idea but the problem lies in the fact that the AI zombies pretty much suck and there is no multiplayer support (online or local) in this game which is weird and frustrating and thus this game doesn’t have a replay value.

Even the campaign, could have been much better if you could do the entire zombie killing with a friend. Oh and leaderboards don’t count as multiplayer gaming (Stop the madness).


Zombie Driver HD manages to satisfy if you’re looking for a simple gore game with pretty much no narrative and the price (800 Microsoft Points) it is quite justifiable. It’s sad that it lacks the multiplayer gameplay, but it’s still pretty fun to kill zombies.

The controls are quite responsive, and the sound of running your tires over zombies is well worth the money you’re spending on this.


  • Missions are fast paced and satisfyingly fun.
  • Graphics are decent.
  • Slaughter mode is fun


  • Lacks online and local multiplayer modes.
  • Tiny font used in the menus

Rating: 3/5

  • Design: 3/5
  • Features: 2/5
  • Performance: 3/5
  • Usability 3/5
  • Value:  4/5

Download :

The game costs 800 Microsoft points and comes with lot of Avatar Addons and Zombie Taxies

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