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You can Run GUI Linux Apps from Bash on Windows 10, Thanks to the Dev Community

Bash on Windows was recently introduced, and thanks to the dev community, you can also run GUI Linux Apps on Bash. This essentially means you can Run Linux Apps on Windows 10 with a full environment, and the file system virtualized. Another way to say this is that this simple tip can run entire Linux graphical applications in Windows 10 by launching them through Bash.

Linux Apps Bash on Windows 10

Steps to do it:

  • first Install Bash on Windows 10. Follow the steps which we mentioned here.
  • Next, install an X server outside of bash. You an download Xming and install. Make sure to put port no as 0 when configuring Xming
  • Now run the command prompt with admin privilege, and then type BASH
  • Once in Bash Mode, Run any Linux GUI Application with DISPLAY=:0 firefox
  • Firefox needs to installed which can be done through the command prompt.

According to the developer,  named w2qw, who tried it, it is slower than a native Windows/Linux application but probably better than VNC/X11 forwarding. If you read the complete thread here, one redditer even managed to run a complete desktop environment, also called as XFCE,  on Windows 10.

via WindowsClan

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