Satya Nadella on Windows Phone : The World never needed the Third Ecosystem in Phones

It’s a no-brainer that Microsoft’s CEO was never in favour of Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone, and we saw the downfall clearly happening as soon as he came into power, and recently Windows 10 Mobile was off the Insiders branch as well, now getting just bug fixes, and new features for Enterprise.

Satya Nadella recently published his book “Hit Refresh” where he revealed that that voted against Nokia acquisition by Microsoft under Steve Balmer in 2014.

He mentioned in his book:

The Nokia deal [was a] painful example of this loss [in mobile]. We were desperate to catch up after missing the rise of mobile technology … Nokia fell from the market-share leader in mobile to number three.

The hope was that combining the engineering and design teams at Nokia with software development at Microsoft would accelerate our growth with Windows Phone and strengthen our overall devices ecosystem. The merger could be the big, dramatic move Windows needed to catch up with iOS and Android in mobile.

He clearly says that he did not get why the Mobile Ecosystem needed a third enterent when Android & iOS were doing so well, and Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone wasn’t doing anything different except for catching up. In his opinion, unless It was changing the rules, it was only chasing competitors’ taillights. Windows Phone always remained a distant third in the market.


This is the primary reason why Nadella had always a different opinion when it came to Mobile.  While we are not sure if Microsoft will ever do even if there is a new form factor, but he always said the company is waiting for things to change.

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  1. The world doesn’t need more than 2 car manufacturers. Don’t need more than 2 restaurants. We don’t need more than 2 teams in a sports league. Man he’s making excuses.


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