Send this Message to Spam Bots on Xbox Live to make them Quit

If you are subscribed to the Xbox Live Service and are using Xbox One a lot, I am sure you already have been spammed with messages which are actually spam. Surprisingly, these messages aren’t coming from Bots but rather real accounts with zero gaming experience. The issue is for real, and  Reddit is all filled up with these messages.

That said, do follow the same precautions you follow for every security things including your email. Do not open the links, reply to the messages, and get into something which you should not have gotten yourself into. The bots usually start with a casual message, say Hi, Hello or even Hello Mr and so on.  If your profile is pretty open, and you have shared everything on your profile, they already know who you are, kind of.

What should you do?

When using Xbox App on Windows 10 or on Xbox each of the messages sent has an option to report. This is what you should be using instead of reporting the whole account for now. Microsoft is aware of the issue and is already working on the problem, but it’s not going to be easy with actual user logged into the account.

In case the messages from the fake user continue to pour in, you can block the user, and get rid of it totally. The second and totally fun way to do is to send them a little threating message. Once you realize that it’s a spam message, just send them this text back:

If you dont stop sending me messages, I am calling the police.

That’s it, this will be enough to scare the person right back, and he or she will mostly exist with a sorry message.

Lastly, Configure your Xbox Live Privacy

Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President Xbox & Windows Gaming, said that while the company is working on to fix this, it is best to configure your privacy settings right now.

If you are on your console, you can go to Settings >Account > Privacy & Online Safety >Xbox Live Privacy and choose to select some predefined settings or customize all the details. Under predefined, you have Child, Teen and Adult defaults. This is usually helpful to get right settings for your kid, but for adults, I would suggest deep dive into details. You can configure the following:

Image Source: WPXBOX.COM

  • Online Status and History
  • Profile
  • Friends & Clubs
  • Communication and Multiplayer
  • Game Content.
  • Sharing Outside Xbox Live
  • Buy and Download.

This will let you decide who sees if you are online, what you are doing right now on your Xbox, your games, and app history, TV and music library.