How to Send and Receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC

Sending the regular text message is still popular, and if you want to send & receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC, there is a much easier way now. You don’t need to use the Windows messaging app anymore. Windows 10 Mobile has been abandoned. It makes more sense to use modern methods.

Send Text messages from Windows 10 PC

In this post, we are covering only Android. Google has implemented a web version of  Android Messaging just like WhatsApp web. It will work only when your phone has an active internet connection.

Send & Receive Text Messages from Windows 10 PC

1] Open Android Messages in any browser. It will reveal a QR code.

2] On your Android Phone, tap on the menu and select Messages for web. 

3] In the next screen, tap on the QR code scanner button. It will open the camera app.

4] Point towards the QR code which you see in Android messages.

5] Messages will be available on your Windows 10 PC now.

You should be able to see all the messages which are on your phone. To send a message,  you can either choose an existing SMS or click on start chat and select a contact. Type the message and send the text. Whenever a new message arrives, you will get a notification on your computer.

Apart from regular messages, you can send a sticker, a photo, and attachment. They would go through MMS setting, and since all these are free now, it should be easy to receive it on the other side as well.

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