How to Send Text from Windows 10 PC using Messaging Everywhere

Starting with Windows 10 PC Build 14327, Messaging Everywhere allows you to send text messages from the computer. Internally this feature uses Cortana & Windows 10 Messaging integration to send the messages across. It is how you can set it up and then use it.

Update: The method doesn’t work anymore, and has been replaced by YourPhone app and Phone feature in Windows 10. Follow our detailed guide on how you can use it or use the Android web to send text or YourPhone to SMS from Windows 10 PC.

Send Text from Windows 10 PC

How to Send Text from Windows 10 PC using Messaging Everywhere

The method works if you are using Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC together. If you are still using it, then this method will work for you. Else we will suggest using the above-linked guide.

On your Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Open Messaging App > Settings.
  • Enable Send texts from all my Windows Devices.
  • If you are using Multiple Windows Phone,  go to Settings > System > About > Edit Phone Name.  It will act as an identifier in the next step.

Send Text from Windows 10 PC

 On your Windows 10 PC:

  • Open Messaging App
  • Click on the three-dot menu and open settings
  • You should see Messaging everywhere enabled If not, use the toggle to turn on.
  • Next, under “Send Messages through,” you can select one of the Windows Phone you are using.  The name is the same as you had set up on your Phone.

Now that your setup is ready to restart your messaging app by closing and then opening it once. Next, you can either use an existing text thread to send a reply or create a new text message and then send it.  One thing you will need to be careful about is selecting the SIM. If you are using a DUAL sim Windows 10 Mobile, you will have drop-down like “Vodafone–Windows Phone.” The first one is the Operator name, and the second is the name of the phone you are using to send the text message.

How fast is sending a text?

Its not instant, but it works. I see an approximate gap of 10 to 15 seconds. However, as of now, this is in beta, and it is possible that it might not work 100%, but expect this to be fully functional when it rolled out with anniversary updates.

I expect this feature, with time, will come to both Android & iPhone as Cortana is available on both of these platforms. Then in case you have two different phones, one Android and another Windows 10 Mobile, you will be able to choose your devices. We will keep you posted on how this goes along.

Video Demo:


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