Seven Best Writing Tools for Windows Users

Computer-facilitated writing is now everywhere. You can hardly find a professional writer using a typing machine or writing by hand today. That’s not only because of the convenience computers provide. It’s also because they give access to various writing tools that help writing be fun.

These tools are handy not only for professionals. Students, as well as all people in need of writing assistance, can use them as well. Even though they can be a bit expensive, it still makes sense to use them to save yourself some time and edit errors right away.

Most essay writing companies, for example, use writing tools on both Windows and macOS-powered devices. They sincerely admit that if it wasn’t for these apps and programs, the writing quality might have been different. Why? Because a human eye may not always catch all the inconsistencies that algorithms and AI can track.

That means that a variety of writing tools described in the essay writing company’s website is an advantage rather than a flaw. For example, essay help by EssayHub is based on human creativity, academic standards, and technical writing assistance. And the company is very much proud of this three-fold approach.

Seven Best Writing Tools for Windows Users

Seven Best Writing Tools for Windows Users

In this article, we are going to discuss several of the most popular and effective writing tools that can run on Windows. This may help you find the right tool to work with.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Grammarly
  • FocusWriter
  • Scribus
  • Scrivener
  • ProWritingAid
  • Living Writer

Check out each of these service and figure what works best for you.

1] Microsoft Word

Microsoft Editor Wirting

One of the best and most popular writing tools is, of course, a word processor. You won’t type much if you don’t have a place to write. Word is truly the best tool for this. It is used by millions of individuals and businesses around and serves well for different types of writing.

Despite a huge number of free programs that try to copy Word’s functionality, not a single tool has ever been more effective in integrating with other services than Microsoft’s product. It’s worth paying a bit to use the best service. Moreover, students always get a discount with Office 365 subscription.

2] Grammarly

Grammarly Editor Windows

Grammarly is a unique writing tool that runs on different computers smoothly and checks your text for mistakes. It not only highlights them in your file but also suggests the best ways to get rid of these and similar issues.

Grammarly is developing. It has enabled integration algorithms recently. Now you don’t have to copy-paste your text into the program’s window. You can enable Grammarly add-on right in your Word.

3] FocusWriter

Another tool that will definitely be appreciated by many students is the one that can silence all distractions. FocusWriter is capable of blocking all notifications and setting time trackers and alarms. What’s more, it has an auto-save function for you not to lose any bit of information.

It’s not the right app if you need to edit your work. However, it’s perfect if you need to keep track of your progress and set yourself in the working mood. It is achieved by keeping you away from your distractors and allowing you to customize how your text appears on the screen.

4] Scribus

Writing, even at college, is not only about essays and assignments. Sometimes, you are asked to provide something indeed creative. Most students, however, being previously trained to write formally, find themselves absolutely trapped.

Scribus is the right tool then. It helps find the right design for your writing and makes it look even more creative and nice. What’s more, it uses professional-level design tools and color management support to make your creative writing look marvelous in seconds.

5] Scrivener

Scrivener Writing Skills

Scrivener is a comprehensive tool for writers regardless of the genre. It helps create, design, and even edit text. Both professional writers and students will find this tool useful. At the same time, you can hardly find any other tool that would cover all the functions Scrivener provides.

First of all, this is a Windows desktop tool. You need to create your writing within this program. While you are on it, Scrivener can silence all distractions for you. Also, it tracks your activity, adjusts to your writing pace, and even offers pre-made templates.

6] ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid Writer Windows

ProWritingAid is a tool dedicated to making you a better writer. That would mean that it not only helps avoid simple mistakes but also adjusts your sentence structure for it to read more smoothly.

You don’t have to download anything. ProWritingAid can integrate into your word processor and help you along the whole process of writing. It offers valuable advice, better writing suggestions, and no-mistake practices.

7] Living Writer

Living Writer Windows

Living Writer is a great tool to organize large pieces of writing. It will help both writers working on their novels as well as students drafting their dissertations. Whenever you have to split a large piece of writing into parts professionally, Living Writer is there for you.

Also, this tool helps you develop an eagle-eye perspective on your writing. You can see how it will look on the paper once printed to figure out how to resolve minor formatting issues. That’s really helpful if you have 100+ pages to check.


You can find lots of different apps and tools for Windows aiming to ease your writer’s life. They are designed to help writers solve their problems. However, that doesn’t mean you should have them all.

Naturally, writers experience different problems. You just need to know what it is that you want, and you’ll see a solution coming. The ones above are just the most popular ones you might be interested in.

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