Seven Things Joe Belfiore shared in AMA on Windows Phone 8.1

Joe Belfiore, the guy leading Windows Phone team, did an AMA on Reddit. Tons of questions were asked and in 2 hours of time he answered some of the important ones. A complete list right after his selfie with clippy!!

JB Reddit AMA

File manager is coming in May:

A native file manager is coming to Windows Phone. It allows you to move files between phone and sd card, rename, create folders, multiple selection, delete files and so on.

Better Music App Experience

The music app is getting some major improvements including User Interface, Performance, swipe to change trackers and hopefully seek.

Why was Photo Hub Redesigned ?

According to Joe, 91% of the users only looked on their camera roll instead of looking at Photo hub which had images from social network. The real problem was that this experience was not complete for them as they could not like, reshare and so on.

Why Games are listed along with Apps?

Joe and his team found, it was difficult and confusing for users to find the games in one go. Since many were new, looking into games app to find newly installed apps was something which was not clicking with many users. Probably in future, a option might be included which can be used to hide them.

Have a Feature Request for Cortana?

Follow up the uservoice forum and add your idea and vote — CORTANA.USERVOICE.COM

How to close Action Center ?

Hit the back button and it closes instantly.

Skype & Facebook App coming with Major Update

Both of these apps will get improved performance and Facebook app will roll in a full width photos in news feed and comments.

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