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Seven Useful Windows 10 Maps Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Google Maps aren’t the only map available in the market. The Maps app is one of the best tools that was introduced in Windows 10. It can be used to explore and find locations nearby around the world and the local places as well.

The Windows Ink is yet another useful tool introduced by Microsoft for their Maps. Planning trips and explaining directions have never been any easier. The main usefulness of the Windows Maps lies in its ability to be able to mark on the map themselves.

The Windows Maps has just started entering the market scenario. They have a tough competition ahead, but they happen to have something that its competition lacks and that is the Ink technology. Users can draw on their maps and do some unique things which help them in navigation. The drawing function brings to the table a lot more functionalities that we will be discussing in the next few lines. Before you go about doing anything on the maps, you must first click on the pen icon to open the Windows Ink toolbar by clicking top right of Maps, which will bring forth a new set of the menu:

  • The distance icon will let you measure the distance between two points, once you draw a line connecting both of them.
  • The ball point pen tools allow you to draw on the map. It also lets you choose different colors pen sizes while scribbling on the map.
  • The erase option lets you erase all your previous drawing on the map.
  • The ruler option lets the user draw a straight line between two points. This is important because while drawing a line between two points, this little feature ensures that the distance between the points remains the least and constant.

The drawing tools bring to the table a variety of functionalities, which we haven’t in the conventional maps. For example, if we want to go from one place to another, then we would have to enter the names of the places manually and search for the well, not anymore since the Windows map is here to change the very definition of map usability.

1. Directions

In case you’re looking for a way to go from point A to B, instead of writing down the names in the search bar, you can simply select the pen tool and draw a line connecting those two destinations on the map. Once the line is complete, the map will show you the best possible routes in between those two points. 

2. Distance Measurement

Suppose you are out on your morning walk and want to measure the circuit you will be running though. Simultaneously tap the touch writing and the measure distance button and draw a line along with the circuit. Once the line is complete, it will tell the distance of the whole route and you will an idea of how much work you have up ahead. It’s a very convenient way to keep track of your progress.

3. Adding Notes

Adding quick notes to your maps while sharing them can come in pretty handy. You can mark or scribble on a particular part of the map, maybe point out a good restaurant or a nice mall for your friends to go and visit. It may not be that useful, but it falls into the category of little things which constitute of the happier things in life. It’s better than just calling and giving them instructions. Just open your maps circle a particular spot and tell them to visit that particular place. It’s simple and handy and flexible.

The Windows Maps have been greatly improved since the time they were introduced into the market. The offline mode of the Windows Maps has been its best-selling point ever. Generally, maps need a working internet connection to work properly. In the offline mode, you can download the map of a particular region or that of a city or even a whole country, depending upon your storage space.

Once you have the Windows Maps, you can look for the various places on the map and even navigate your way through the city, without having to sue the internet connection. The navigation will work with the help of W-Fi and GPS system. The 3D city view and the Cortana integration into the Microsoft Maps is slowly catching up with the latest mapping and navigation technologies available in the market. There are few Windows Maps tips and tricks that are below which you can use if you are using Windows 10 OS.

4. Local Memories

This feature can be used to locate nearby places where you can find some daily goods. For example, if you have forgotten from where you have bought your groceries from yesterday, or you’re searching for some good place to buy some fresh meat and do not know any local supermarket and vendor, just ask Cortana. She will automatically locate the best place near you and will also keep a record of the place the next time you go out shopping. The map keeps the track of the place for future references.

5. Share Information

If you intend to spend an afternoon with your friends in someplace nice and don’t happen to know the address of that place, don’t worry. Look up the place on the map and share the information with them. This can be done directly from the map and you can also share user reviews, opening and closing times associated with the website.

6. Setting Favorites

Setting favorites are very important for places where you visit frequently. Although after visiting few times you will remember the route, however, it’s better to keep a backup in case you get lost. Once you have set up a favorite place, you don’t have to type the address wagon and again, as this saves a lot of time. Just tap on the name and the map will automatically pop up on the screen.

Should you happen to visit a place in a foreign land, this little trick may come in handy if you save all your favorite places on your device beforehand. In this case, you won’t have to worry about typing the different places every time you wish to visit them. Before setting out on your trip just make sure you have saved all your favorite places and open that list for a quick selection.

7. Navigation

The windows maps come with their own navigation system and it happens to perform pretty well. Like standard maps, you can select previously if you want to avoid bad roads and traffic jams and the map will set a route specific to your requirements.

That is all with the Windows Maps tips and tricks we have for you. We will soon be covering more tips related to Windows Maps. If you know any, do let us know in the comments section below.

Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.


  1. Cool stuff, I use the Pen more in creator update, also switched to EDGE so looking forward to more tips… thanks.


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