Shutdown / Restart App for Windows Phone is here !! ( Homebrew / Unlocked )

Couple of months back we covered an app which lets you restart windows phone and now we have another app,  Shutdown7,  which lets you  both power down and restart your windows phone and has much nicer user interface and  is very smooth and fast to use.

The app screen has three buttons one for shutdown, one for restart and other is info page. It also has a background for which image is pulled randomly from your picture library.  The app is developed by Nullstring @ XDA Forum and its his first app but I am sure many of you would like to use soft button to shutdown or restart your phone in case the power button has some issues. Shutdown App Windows Phone

Who can use this app ?

Now there are two things which you will need and because of this it will not work on every phone. First your phone needs to be unlocked and second you need interop unlock your phone because that’s what the app uses in background.


Now comparing it with the restart app for windows phone here is my recommendation for improvement  and taking it to the next level

  • A scheduler to shut down the phone something which I have seen in Blackberry where there was an option to restart also but not sure if we can do it on windows phone also.
  • A confirmation box to give user a warning.
  • Let user give option for background image, though I love to have random images.


This app can be downloaded from the XDA Forum thread and you need to track for any update manually. In case its gets any major update we will let you know.

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