Six Best Strategic Games on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

Today we bring to you one of the best Strategic games available on Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone and PC that will put you on the line of epic battles where you will be commanding them and applying tactics and strategies to crack victory to defend your civilization from enemies or invade enemy’s civilization. Let’s have a look at them:

Age of Empires Castle Siege:

Age of Empires Castle Siege is the medieval age tower defence game and you are the King/Queen of this era. Protect your civilization strategically from invaders and invade other civilization and get their gold.  It is all about Build, Upgrade, Defend and Conquer.

  • Barracks where your army will live and get trained.
  • Army camp rest where your army replenish stocks before marching to battle and house troops.
  • Farm land and Silo where former is for growing farm products for the survival of your civilization and latter is for storing of farm products and defend it from the invaders.
  • Mill and Lumberyard for producing and storing of woods for you empire.
  • Archer tower for monitoring incoming threat. And lots more!

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 1

The gameplay is pretty smooth and you compete online with other players around the world. You can speed up building and upgradation of infrastructure of your empire by extra gold coins and gems.  Overall it’s a great looking game and is XBOX Live enabled and available for free with in-game purchases.

Download Age of Empires®: Castle Siege

Call of Duty Heroes:

Call of Duty Heroes is a command strategic game where you are the commander of the modern army of elite soldiers, legendary heroes like Price, Soap, and Harper. Build and upgrade your army base, train your soldiers and heroes. Protect your oil extraction base, diamond and gold depots with modern automatic weaponry, Airship drangonfire. Build a ballistic lab to upgrade your weapon system and increase your army troops.

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 2

Take control of helicopter with first person mode to attack enemies, and get their diamonds, gold and oil resources. You can also decorate your base with statue of Harper, Ghost and Yuri and with alliance flags. The gameplay is straight forward which promises to give you adrenaline rush of immense battleground. The game is available for free with in-game purchases.

Download Call of Duty®: Heroes

Cloud Raiders:

A strategic raider game that happens up above high skies where it starts from your flying ship crash lands on imaginary flying Island and then crew builds base to keep pirates away.

Raid the pirate colonies defeat their bosses get their treasures and protect your colony from pirate raiders. And build and expand your cloud fortress or colonies.

  • Build and upgrade your gold and diamond drills and vault to store them.
  • Upgrade Cloud Sio to store cloud nectar or generate your own by building Cloud Beacon to upgrade troops and infrastructure.

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 3

Deploy troops, cannons, towers, crossbows to protect your Island. The overall impression of quite good. Mix Gameplay is straight forward where you take a role of offensive and defensive. The game is available for free with in-game purchases.

Download Cloud Raiders

World At Arms:

World At Arm is a modern war strategy game. The evil KRA forces have attacked your nation and threatening free world! As greatest military leader you need to come forward and protect the world from evil mind of Hyun Jo the leader of KRA. You fight around the globe, in sea depth, on ground and to the skies to save world.

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 9

  • Build and upgrade units: milita, volunteers, rangers, marine.
  • Build army base, equipped it with Mess Hall, Bar, Military Cottage, Modern House Apartment Complex, Warehouse.
  • Build support infrastructure like Oil Drills and Storage, Gas Station and Underwater Depot.

The gameplay is quite impressive and promises to keep you on the lines of fire. World at arms is Xbox Live enabled and is available for free with in app purchases.

Download World at Arms – Wage war for your nation!

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is an epidemic game where you as evil God create and spread pathogen to bring to an end to the human existence. You start with small infection and evolve it infecting and killing human beings around the globe as you progress.

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 6

The gameplay is well sorted you are presented with the infection in the beginning of the game to start with infecting individual of a particular country. Taping on the disease section will bring you three sections where you can spend your DNA points:

  • Transmission defines how your infection will get transmitted; it can be through birds, rats which could affect urban areas, livestock that could affect rural areas, blood, water and more with different affected targets.
  • Symptoms make the plagues deadly by nausea, coughing, rash, vomiting and more irritating symptoms.
  • Abilities increase resisting power of the pathogen.

There are many disease type to choose from like bacteria, virus, prion and more. The map shows red dots depicting affected areas and cure section indicates the cures developed by humans against your infection.

The game is quite different where you are not hero like most of the strategic games rather you are Evil. Overall gameplay is quite good.Game is available for USD 0.99 / Rs 62 plus in app purchases.

Download Plague Inc.

Skulls of  the Shogun

In the last league of almost won battle in Japan to become shogun you aka General Akamoto, were killed by someone and deal. You were travelling to Magical Mushroom Kingdom for afterlife form. But you find out that it will take a thousand years to get an afterlife as there is a huge line of dead kings and soldiers. So General Akamoto decides to fight with all of them to get first in the queue.

Best Strategic Games Windows 10 8

It’s a tactical turn based strategic game where you also play as your units turn by turn to win the war. Recruit soldiers, magical animals monks each with special abilities like to heal soldiers, light foes on fire and more and capture resources for buying archers and other weapons all that could assist General Akamoto to reach first in the queue of afterlife.

The gameplay and effects are great with humour filled storyline Skulls of Shogun is available for Rs 292 / USD 4.49 with a free trial and is Xbox Live enabled

Download Skulls of the Shogun

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