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Skip to the next song by voice in Windows Phone

If you are listening to a playlist on your windows phone, you always need to change to next song using the music controls which is almost impossible when you are driving or when you just cannot reach your phone at that very moment.

Luckily jesuslg123@xda-forum has developed an app, Next,  which can skip to next song in your playlist using voice control and it works flawlessly. This works using a Bluetooth headset, wired or even manually by long press of start menu button.

How to use it :

  • Play your favorite play list.
  • Then long press the Windows Start menu button on your headset or on your phone
  • This will activate the voice recognition and you need to speak “Start next”  and it will switch to next song.
  • Basically the app gets launched and it changes the song in your playlist.
Play Next Song in Windows Phone
In case you hate that the Song Controls stay always back on your lock screen even if the playlist has come to an end, you can clear them using this method which stops the music and clears the controls.
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