Skype for Business merges with Microsoft Teams Officially

Microsoft has finally decided to merge two of its services, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams, keeping Skype for business under Microsoft Teams banner. This was first reported by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley,  where a number of users saw a welcome message stating “Skype for Business is now Microsoft Teams”.

This was later confirmed by Petri. with complete details where Microsoft confirmed the change with a message on its admin portal. The message states that the Skype for Business is getting an upgrade to Microsoft Teams, and its gradual roll out so might take some time for every body to see it.  Those who cannot wait, you can take control, and opt-in to get the experience right away.


The message also warns that if somebody is not ready to move there is no way to opt out. The only thing one can do is start getting familiar with the interface, features, and learn how to use it.  There will be another notification that will be sent out in next 30 days.

It was only smart that both these services are being merged, as most of the features that were offered overlapped each other. Right from Instant Messaging to voice call, group meetings, they all were common.  Now together, both can fill in the features which were missing and can deliver better services.  This will only help the users after a bit of learning.


Yogesh Mankani
Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.


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