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Skype can Now Send Files Even When Your Friends are Offline

Seems like Microsoft is finally taking Skype a little bit more seriously than before. After they introduced Skype Meetings for small business, now the company is offering option to Send files to Friends even if they are offline. A feature that is supported by almost every messaging service in the world. Yeah, you get the point.

Using the latest version of Skype on any of the platform, you can share files, photos, documents, and videos of up to 300 MB with friends, and groups even if they are offline.  This makes things super convenient for those who prefer Skype. The files will start downloading as soon as the person or anybody in group come online.

Offline Files Skype

Microsoft been testing the a number of different files size limits for file sharing, and seems the collective result hinted fro 300 MB per file which accommodates almost all the file sizes shared over Skype. In case you have bigger files to share, you can use OneDrive to share  photos, videos and documents with your contacts.

This feature also allows to Collect a file more than once, on multiple devices. You can now pick up a file multiple times on different devices. So if you’re on your way home and want to start reviewing a PowerPoint document on your phone, and then download it again to make edits on a computer at home. This is possible.

via Skype Blog

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