Skype, Groove Music, Movies & TV, and Maps gets new features in the latest update on the Fast Ring

Microsoft has just released a new update for Skype, Groove Music, Movies & TV, and Maps for Insiders on the Fast Ring. The new update brings in a lot of new features and changes for both PC and Mobile.

Groove Music

The app has been bumped to version 10.16092.1025. It is a minor update but brings improvements to offline usage, User Interface. Xbox version of the app receives a new Search auto-suggestion feature.



  • When you’re offline, it’s easier to see what’s playable. When you’re connected again, online pages automatically refresh.
  • Search auto-suggestions on Xbox can easily be seen and accessed directly above the on screen keyboard.
  • We added additional accessibility context in UI components allowing narrator to be more descriptive when reading user context.
  • Notifications will remain on screen as long as they have focus, otherwise they will automatically dismiss.
  • We improved the persistent header in collection pages to remove graphical glitches and increase the smoothness of scrolling.
The app was not found in the store. :-(

Movies & TV

Movies & TV also received a minor update across platforms. The app has been bumped to version 10.16101.1025. The new update brings performance improvements on Windows and Xbox.

Movies & TV.png


  • When you multi-select videos in File Explorer, you can now use the Previous and Next controls to skip between them while you watch.
  • If you only own an episode or two of a TV show, you now get a link to complete your season in the Store.
  • You can now use “Y” on your Xbox controller to search your collection and our catalog.
  • You can now quickly purchase the next season of your TV show straight from post-roll.
  • You can now re-rent an expired movie straight from the Movies & TV app (no need to go through the Store anymore).
  • On Windows devices, you can more quickly resume or restart movies currently in progress.
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Windows Maps gets some great new features in the latest update. One of the most requested feature i.e. to be able to organize favorites, and save places into collections has been added. The app is now on version 5.1610.2953.0.



  • One of our most requested features has been to be able to organize your favorites, and save places into collections. With the latest Maps update, you can do that! So go ahead and organize your favorites or start adding all the places you want to keep as a reference in separate lists—without overloading your favorites list.
  • We also made it easier to save places, as favorites or to a collection. You can now open the favorites or collections list and start adding places from there, or as before, add them from the details pane for any place. And now you can tap on your current location and save it to your favorites or a collection too.
  • Finally, we also updated how you view and save your most important favorites: home, work, and where you parked your car. They’re up at the top of your favorites list, but they take up less space and are easier to add.
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Skype Preview

Skype Preview received new features such as, support for dragging and dropping files to share. It supports sharing of any file up to 300MB size. Microsoft has also improved profiles for contacts and so on. The app feels faster to use now. The new version number is



  • Improved messaging – drag and drop files (up to 300MB) and images up to 300MB in chat to quickly share them, right click on the message and select “Quote Message” so you will know who said what in instant message chats, see an image preview of a shared URL rather than a long link, and stay on top of unread messages with an unread message indicator in chat.
  • Enhanced profiles – start a call or conversation from a contact’s profile page, add/remove/block contacts, view initials of a contact if they don’t have a profile picture, and unblock blocked contacts.
  • Easier calling – manage audio/video devices from Skype settings to select a preferred camera, microphone or speaker and test audio before a call.
  • Additional Windows Mobile updates – video calls will default to loud speaker for video calls and improved back button navigation.
The app was not found in the store. :-(