Skype Professional Account aims to be your One-Stop solution to work with Clients

Microsoft is slowly, and steadily evolving Skype as a business product more than ever. In today’s announcement, Skype Blog is offering “Skype Professional Account” which will help business users to use Skype as a one-stop solution. ¬†Available in preview, this program offers to book meetings with clients, accept payments, and keep notes. All this from one app, so everything is consolidated in one place.

Apart from these, the business owners Skype Account will also include business-like profile pages to showcase all their info which gives clients a better understanding of your business.

IMO, Microsoft is targeting small & medium businesses who are involved in teaching, consulting, and anything along similar lines. This sounds like WhatsApp Business accounts which is getting very popular in India, especially with payment mode that is going to come soon.

Source: Skype Blog

If you are one of the businesses who use Skype on a daily business, you can fill out a survey at the Skype Professional Account page for a chance to join in.

The good thing is Microsoft isn’t abounding Skype as a platform. Not yet. Skype is not a very popular service to make a video or even audio calls even in the US. Microsoft’s core is in the business line, and it only makes sense for them to push in that direction instead of going out for consumers.

After all, there is no place for the third ecosystem, no matter what!

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