Skype for Windows 10 now offers Mixed Reality Support, Mentions, Presence Option, and more

In the recent update to the UWP version of Skype App for Windows 10, Skype now offers a couple of features that have been long awaited. Now that they were not available in the desktop client, the UWP version had been missing it. The best feature is the @ , which you can use it to tag or call upon anybody in a group discussion. Though you might want to try the MR option as well if you have the headset.

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Here is the list of features: 

  • Control your presence:  Set your presence on Skype by going to your profile and selecting Active, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible.
  • Share your virtual world and activity with others over a video call in Windows Mixed Reality.
  • Express how you feel during a call with emoticon, text or photo-reactions.
  • Chat Instantly: You no longer need to add your friends as contacts. Simply find them on Skype, and start chatting one to one or in a group conversation.
  • Mentions: Type “@” followed by someone’s name to mention them in group conversations.


Skype had one feature which I miss the most now.  SMS Relay or the option which I could send, and receive all the message from the Skype App. That was convenient in those days when I was using Windows 10 Mobile and was able to see all my messages right on my PC. But with Windows 10 Mobile gone, that is gone as well.

Microsoft has been pushing new features, and support for Skype recently. We know that it now can be used for your Business Account as a one-stop solution, there was even a family feature announced, and then the PayPal integration.

That said, let us know in the comments if you are using Skype even as your secondary messaging platform for making calls or chat with your friends, and buddies. How are these updates working for you?

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