SMS Bomber : Send lot of message to one single number but at your own risk

SMS Bomber

Dev’s are full of fun sometimes and here is one such example, SMS Bomber app ( Home Brew) from which allows you to send one single SMS 100 times to one single number intentionally spamming him.

Where you should use ? Only for people who did not respond to you but go ahead use it for fun and at your own risk because somebody might use it on you or just be coming to you for the payback!!! or just ban your number.

This app makes use of SMS Compose Task API and runs it in a loop for a particular number which will cost you A Lot if you are on a limited plan also in some countries carrier charge for incoming message so make sure you know whom you are sending it too.

With this in mind it should be possible to create an app or this app can come with a function which can let filter these kind of people and turn of notification if somebody sends me more then 3 SMS in a short duration.

It comes with a contact picker and I am glad it does not support multiple numbers else it can be a havoc..To use this app you need have an unlocked windows phone and WP SDK tools to deploy.

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