SoundHound for Windows Phone Available

If you had always missed a better way to search music which somebody sitting next you is listening or one that you can only hum and not sing because you don’t remember the lyrics, Soundhound App for Windows Phone is available now. If you aren’t aware Soundhound is a an instant music search and discovery and it can detect the music as quick as in four-second.

How this app Works ?

Launch the app and  Tap  and then either you can start singing or humming. Once done tap again to stop. This is followed by a search which brings you search result which matches the Music ID.

And If you pin it to Start Menu, it becomes an instant song search i.e. If you hear a song around you which is loud enough, tap from the start menu and it will start listening to it.

Soundhound Main

More Features of Windows Phone Soundhound App :

  • All your search result  is stored under My Stuff.
  • For every song you can listen to it , read lyrics along with Album, Artist Info.
  • Find Similar Artists.
  • Tapping on any of the song gives you option to buy from Zune Market place but there is catch. It opens it as search so you still need to check before you buy, at least once
  • Share it on Twitter and Facebook but you need to give them permission i.e. It does not utilize the native Post to Facebook and Twitter.

Screenshots :

[minigallery id=”932″ style=”box border box_white”]


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