Spectator View Rig Projects what someone wearing HoloLens See

HoloLens is one hardware which has not only showed the possibility of how Augment and Virtual reality with interact with the daily life of consumers in far future, it’s a fascinating piece of hardware which made it all possible to bring VR to Windows 10.

While it looks good on paper and limits the experience to those who use it, Microsoft wants the experience to be shared with the audience using its “Spectator View” rig. Below is a video that you should check out.

Spectator View rig is a projector which uses another HoloLens, camera rig, a desktop PC running the shared experience app, and project those holograms which everybody can experience. The person wearing the HoloLens will need to use the app, which is specifically built for this.This all came into possibility using 2 HoloLens, DSLR camera, The app and few 3D printed mounting components. It can be used to

It can be used to

  1. Capture photos of a mixed reality scene.
  2. Shoot video of a holographic environment in action.
  3. Live stream holographic content to an audience.

This is for sure not a final product, but an early beat arrangement which shows the possibility that it can be done. Imagine when you can experience, the VR world, without needing a VR. This can be used in classrooms, medicine,  shopping, and at so many places. More at spectator view @ Official Blog

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