Stardock’s Groupy brings tab to almost every App on Windows 10

Tabs are life savors. Be it your browser or anything. If you can club a couple of Windows together, it just saves a lot of time, if not your eyes splicing through them to figure out what went where.

Microsoft was rumored to be working on tabbed windows for the File Explorer, but then that didn’t happen.  So here comes Stardock’s Groupy. This software company is well known for its software customization that it brings to Windows, and they have done it again. Groupy lets you use tabs with any app or apps.

In simple words, if you have a couple of apps that are similar, you can merge them together into tabs in the same window. All you need is to drag and drop one window over other, and they get clubbed together. Rest of the functionality is very similar to how you use tabs in your browser. You can switch between them using keyboard or mouse, preview its contents, and so on.

Source: Stardock

Below is the list of features:

  • Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface.
  • Organize multiple applications and documents together for convenient access
  • Group related tabs together for optimal workflow
  • Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface
  • Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily
  • Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents
  • Copy files between Explorer tabs by hovering over the target tab

Check out all the features here

The software is currently in beta and will be available for Windows 7 (Please UPGRADE) Windows 8.1 ({lease UPGRADE) and Windows 10. in December for $9.99.  That said, only those who own Stardock’s Object Desktop, can try the beta version.

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