Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

The smartphone revolution has made sure that we take a lot of pictures. Those who are serious, always keep a copy of those pictures on your computer and online services. That said, what if you do not have a copy of the image anywhere, and had deleted it from the computer too. Sometimes we make a copy, delete photos from the source, and then accidentally delete the copied photos. In this post, we will share how you can recover those deleted photos using Stellar Photo Recovery Software. Check out our complete review.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

Stellar as a company offer recovery services both in terms of laboratory checkups and through software. If you have a hard disk of which you are not able to recover the photos, you can always call them. The alternate solution is to use the Stellar photo recovery software, which is easy to use, and it works.

Supported Devices

The software can scan almost any storage device that you can connect to your Windows 10 or Mac. It includes Digital / Dslr Cameras, Sd Cards/Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Hard Drives, Drone, Cameras, and Mobile Phones.

How the software works on a fundamental level

That said, here is a fundamental concept you should understand.  When you delete files from a storage device, it is removed from the file index. However, it is still available unless overwritten by another file.  The file can be replaced entirely or wholly depending on the size of the data that is taking its space.

The software uses this as one of the ideas to find photos, and then recover it. It is possible that when you retrieve a picture, it could be partially recovered. You get the best result if you act swiftly. So in case, it has already happened, do not perform any file operation. Use the software to recover the files.

It can recover deleted photos, corrupted, formatted and encrypted photos. It can recover any type of file e.g. .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .psd and other photo formats.

Recover Photos using Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Launch the Stellar Photo Recovery Software after you have installed on the computer. The interface offers options on what you want to recover. It includes pictures, video, and media. That makes it clear that it’s not limited to just pictures. You can recover videos you shout on tour or party, and audios from your loved ones or anything important.

Stellar Photo Recovery Settings

But before we go ahead, and start recovering the files, its essential to look at the settings. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left, and it will reveal a set of options.

1] Preview: If you are looking for one particular photo, you can turn on this option. As it scans through the storage, and find files, it will offer a preview of pictures which can be recovered, and data which are corrupted. However, it will increase the processing time as well.

Stellar Preview while Search

2] Formats: You can speed up the process by choosing only the required file formats.

3] Custom File Types: If you are using any software, which creates a different file format. The software lets you add them here along with the size. You can also existing criteria of the file types included, i.e., Size.

Stellar Custom File Types

4] Resume Recovery: All the search you perform can be saved. So if you get an urgent work while the scan is in process, you can pause, save, and resume back.

At the same place, you have access to resume the recovery process and contact the laboratory service.

Recovering Media Files with Stellar Photo Recovery

Make sure to have the correct settings of the file formats for faster, and better results. Once done, come back to the home screen, and select the type of media format you want to recover. Then click on next.

Select Drives for Scan Stellar Photo Recovery

Now you need to select a storage device from where you want to recover the file and click next again. There is a Deep Scan toggle available at the bottom. If you do not find the data or are not able to recover files in the first attempt, you can use this option. It will increase the scan time. Click on scan to start the process.

The scan goes through two-layers of scanning. Then it will reveal the result in two frame interface. On the left, you can change the view from the tree view to file types or deleted list. Switch to deleted list, since we are looking for the lost files.

You can navigate through each file to see a preview. It will help you understand if the file can be completely recovered. Below is the screenshot of a deleted photo which I was able to recover.

Select the photos you want to bring back and click on the Recover button. Once done, you have multiple options under advanced settings. You can

  • Create Zip
  • Use filters if you are recovering files in bulk. You can exclude some of the file formats.
  • Choose to recover only deleted files.

Here is proof of how I was able to recover one of the cherished moments.

Stellar File recovery proof

Once done, make sure to save the scan if you need to rescan for other files. If you do not find the files, run a deep scan in a click.

Stellar photo recovery software looks like one of the most advanced photo recovery software that can recover your deleted photos, videos, and audio. So if you are looking for recovery software, you can buy the product from their official website.

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