Still holding a Windows Phone? Windows Phone Internals 2.3 now unlocks bootloader on any Lumia

If you are still holding a Windows Phone, especially the Lumia,  Windows Phone Internals 2.3 now unlock the bootloader on any Lumia device. In simple words, this tool gains access to the internals of bootloader and helps you unlock things which could have been enabled by Microsoft but they did not for some reason.  This doesn’t mean everything will work, but you can try with this tool to see how far it goes.

The primary thing you can or should do is flashing a custom ROM, only if you are geeky enough to handle it. This tool will create a backup of your phone like a complete image, in case you want to return to last saved state.

That said, its only an unlocked. If there are developers who still want to work on this, will have to come out with tricks, and hacks to enable the features.  We will have to see if it actually works out, mostly because Lumais development has been stalled, and with nobody making hardware, it will batter of time before everything comes to an end.


That said, it will be intersting to see if somebody can take out CShell build from HP Elite X3, and let everybody install it. May be phones like Lumia 520 can start supporting continnum or enhanced it further or may be somebody flash Android on it,  let it live even longer.

You can download Windows Phone Internals from here

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