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If you have ever wished to layback on your bed or sofa to watch video or just pull up your Windows Phone to show all the amazing snaps you took on a tour which is on your PC, TVersity App for Windows Phone is an amazing choice.  This app when installed on your Phone and server on your PC, lets you stream all the videos, music and Photos without any hassles and delays.

Video Demo  ( Watch on YouTube)

Feature List of Tversity Remote

Windows Phone App :

  • Comes with an inbuilt video player which can play almost any video.
  • Slide show of your Photo Collection.
  • Listen to the music, useful when you are running low on space.
  • Maintains recent video, audio playlist.
  • Lets you add music and audio to queue in the Music Hub.
  • Mark them as your favorite and you never have to navigate to the folders.
  • Search based on tags and title.
  • Watch videos from BBC, Hulu, YouTube etc.
  • Supports Multiple TVersity which means it can connect to any number of computer.

Server Application :

  • You can configure a Feed like YouTube, BBC and that can be stream to the phone.
  • Add any number of folders to it which then can be seen exactly or the name which you give.
  • It can convert videos from one format to another in real-time and then stream to your phone.
  • Server act as complete media center except that it does not play anything but indexes, tags and make it ready to get searched/
  • See real-time status of videos getting streamed, which devices are connected.
  • You can secure the server access by using a password.
  • Configure Encoders to use, Video Resolution, Image Resolution and choose to optimize for Speed or Quality.

Configuring Windows Phone App and The Server :

It is pretty easy if you know the IP of your compuuter. This IP can be seen on the Tversity Server Status Message and the same you need to enter when adding a server to your Windows Phone. If you do not have any issues with firewall etc, your connection should be successful as soon as you add them.

Drawbacks :

The drawback if any that you cannot change server settings from the app which means anytime you want to change something like Video Quality or anything even small, you need to configure it on the server. And secondly the app cannot find pc with the name of the PC and hence for Computers which get a new IP every time you turn on the machine, it can be a bit problematic.

Download for Windows Phone

Snapshots of  TVersity App

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