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Superpaper: Best Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Manager Tool for Windows

Superpaper is a multi-monitor wallpaper manager tool for originally made for Linux (though it also works on Windows too). It has been programmed in Python specifically for this task, after its developer, Henri Hänninen, said he “couldn’t find anything similar” for the task. While there are not a lot of wallpaper manager tools designed for multi-monitor set-ups, Superpaper works like a charm. Here’s everything you need to know about SuperPaper.


Superpaper is a cross-platform wallpaper manager utility focussing on multi-monitor support. It features some interesting tools such as pixel density correction which spans an image flawlessly across displays of different shapes and sizes, bezel correction, perspective correction, and more.

  1. Features and Overview
  2. Installation for Windows
  3. Usage Guide

Here’s the list of all the features, how to install it on Windows, and how you could use it for managing wallpapers across your monitors.

Superpaper: Best Multi Monitor Wallpaper Manager Tool for Windows

1] Features and Overview

Superpaper is a feature-packed utility which comes with all of the core features one would expect in a wallpaper manager, including:

  • Set a single image across all displays
  • Set different image on every display
  • Use slideshow from configurable source
  • GUI and CLI
  • Tray Applet
  • Hotkey support

Apart from all those usual features, Superpaper offers way more than basics by offering advanced features that most of the other tools don’t offer. Some of them include:

  • Pixel-per-inch correction
  • Bezel correction
  • Manual pixel offset support
  • Align test tool.

In short, using Superpaper one could set multiple different images for different monitors, scale an image and pan it perfectly for dual monitors, set up a slideshow of wallpapers, align the wallpaper perfectly as per one’s requirement, and more.

2] Installation for Windows

Installing SuperPaper on Windows is quite an easy task and can be performed with any hassles. Here’s how: Firstly, Head over to the official download page of SuperPaper and download the latest release. Secondly, Install it like any other Windows installation exe file and you are good to go.

3] Usage Guide

To set your wallpaper using the Superpaper application, start by launching the app on your desktop by searching for “Superpaper” in the Start Search Box. Once Superpaper is open, follow the step-by-step instructions below to set your wallpaper.

  • Start by creating a new Profile, to do so, In the text box near to Profile Name, type in a name for your new Superpaper profile. Note: The app will not work without a saved profile.
  • Now, Locate and select the Browse button, Here use the file browser to locate the wallpaper you wish to use with the Superpaper application and import it to the application
  • Once selected, click on the Add Source button. This will import it to Superpaper as a usable wallpaper.
  • Click on the Apply button to instantly apply the new wallpaper to your Desktop.
  • You can play around with all the different settings based on your preference to choose what fits you the best.

How to Setup a Slideshow using SuperPaper

Wondering how to set a bunch of wallpapers to change within after a timespan? Here’s how to set it up:

  • Click on the Browse button and import all the wallpapers you would like to show up in a slideshow.
  • Now, select the Add source button to add the wallpaper folder as a Superpaper wallpaper source.
  • Under the Wallpaper slideshow Menu, navigate and check the box next to Slideshow. Enabling this option will enable the slideshow feature.
  • You can also add a hotkey for the profile to quickly change the wallpaper set.
  • Select the time delay after which you would like to apply to change the wallpaper. Then, click on the “Apply” button to turn on the slideshow.

I hope this post was useful and you are now able to have a good idea on SuperPaper, its functionality, installation, and usage. With that said, How often do you change wallpapers? do let us know in the comments below.

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